About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


yeah tell us, did it help?



Same error here. Why are they making this so hard??


I tried 3 times unsuccessfully before it worked for me a few days ago. One possible difference when it worked was the password complexity. I did 12 chars, with upper, lower, numbers and symbols. Worth a try?


Well I had a simple login and it’s saying my information is incorrect…so annoying. I really like the headset but something as small as a cable could have a big impact on future sales. Come on pimax sort this out ease…asap


Suspen 1993 @Sean.Huang


Helped with sparkling dots and black screen.


nice good news… so enjoy your 5k


Helped with sparkling = fixed completely?


“Helped” means i have more issues.
-1 dead pixel on left screen ( could not see it before due to too many pixel flashing everywhere :joy:)
-Dust or something behind left lens ( same reason as above…i guess :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
-Sounds stops working on left and right side ( random ) loose connexion .
-Crack started to appear on left side.
Looks like i got lucky :rofl:

btw yeah sparkling completely stopped


Haha ouch. Thanks.

I believe I just have the sparkles, but I’ve only worn it for ~ 1 hour total so far, the sparkles are just too distracting for me.

Hope I don’t find more when I get my cable too! Best of luck with your issues.


Fingers crossed 4 u mate :crossed_fingers:t4:
i received the cable very quick if that helps, less than a week.


I just received a Pimax 8k today, and have the same issue. So I have set up a ticket.

@Sean.Huang @Alan.sun

EDIT: Received my replacement cable today. It’s working fine. Thanks!


I updated my ticket SUPEN-2054 with the requested informations.

@Sean.Huang @Alan.sun @Doman.Chen


@Jean-Mehdi Did you get a tracking number and which shipping company was used ?


I did yes get tracking number, TNT



Hello dear pimax team,
i have red and white flashing pixels.
I’ve already checked the cable.
I already unplugged the cable.
Nothing helped.
I also have every 10 to 20 seconds a short black screen.
To film with a handy ist not easy. :slight_smile:

Backer: #7034


After 7 days of trying, finally made an account for support successfully. With different domain mail, different password, different smartphone with mobile data access.
Maybe there is an anti-robot mechanism or something preventing us from making similar account.

I am backer #5567 have this issue. Submitted SUPEN-2339. Help please.


Hi Sean,

I’ve created a ticket under SUPEN-2351 with the requested information.




Same issue here. I need a new cable.
Backer 7043



I think nobody will reply but SUPEN-2040
I also asked for a new cable… may it fix my screenerror and the color pixel as well.