About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


I have the same issue with the snowing pixel as well. I cant’ create a service account (why do we need 3 seperate accounts? 1 for main site, 1 for forums and 1 for support tickets?) Seriously, who is the genius who thought if this nonsense? Anyways, I am not a backer but a preorder customer who just wants to enjoy his Pimax 5K w/out this pixelated matter on my screen. How can i get support?



Please PM me with details,thanks.


How is the process?
Can I get feedback on the submitted ticket (Supen)?
Will someday be sent the new cable?



Can you estimate how long will we have to wait for replacement cable? 10 days have passed, no response to SUPEN-2159.


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I guess they do not have cables that are faultless


Hi. I am Suspen 2301. I have the flickering pixels issue…but it gets increasing worse. Could i please have a replacement cable. I have attached a video to the suspen showing the issue. My details are as follows.
Backer number 6156… thanks


Probably, thanks to your method i almost eliminated them so i’m in no rush but some kind of acknowledgment that someone actually read my ticket would be nice.


I see that as well as you …


Damn, got my replacement Unit after some dead pixels today, seemed fine at first, then just gave it a try for 20 minutes and the snow (White/RGB Pixel Storm) started to appear - is this always the cable?

DPD really beat my box…I put some pics of the box here: Received 5k+ today , the snow is hard to get on picture or video… even more so then the dead pixels.)

I just noticed that it seems to get more if the HMD is on for a bit and I noticed that it starts to feel warm at this location - normal ( I would guess 40+ Celcius)?


Can some one that had the issue confirm the following for me?

A) if snowing in the HMD the snow persists even when DP Kabel is unplugged from GPU
B) snow seems to increase with HMD running - I have almost no snow when I start the HMD Cold and more snow when it’s warmed up

Thank you :pray:t3:
( Sorry just really want a working HMD some day down the road)

EDIT: Dear @Jean-Mehdi - since your issue seems resolved - can you confirm the above or was your case different?


viele leute hier haben das problem mit den flackernden pixeln,ich auch.
ich konnte das problem reduzieren in dem ich alufolie um jedes kabel dierekt an der linkbox wickelte…auch um das Stromkabel.
ich hatte pimax darüber informiert und sie schickten mir ein ersatzkabel.
Das problem wurde durch das neue kabel nicht behoben, im gegenteil, jetzt habe ich auch noch tonstörungen, knistern und rauschen…
ich habe langsam die schnauze voll von pimax…wenn das so weitergeht werde ich mein geld zurückverlangen…viel zu viel geld für diesen Müll…made in china
ich wünsch dir viel erfolg




Well I had one that did not have the issue ( but dead pixels) - I Wonder if it is the cable or some other part of the HMD. It could be a defect or signal disturbance just inside the HMDs as well - especially if a new cable did not fix the issue. But it is frustrating.
Does it get more with using it longer ? The first few minutes it seems less then like after 20 minutes. So it could as well be a chip that goes bad - or the cable having been moved…

EDIT: Ok, what ever the cause , I just created a Ticket again SUPEN-2447 @Sean.Huang.


mit der alufolie hatte ich 4 tage lang keine fehler…
ich glaube die Qualitätskontrolle der einzelnen Komponenten ist bei pimax nicht ausreichend…bei den Vorgängermodellen die 4K HMD gabs ähnliche Probleme
ich frage mich nur warum die aus ihren Fehlern nicht gelernt haben…


Yeah, that is a good question - I guess it is a problem that is spread along the whole supply chain - as mentioned in another thread, I guess the faulty cables are just pushed on them and I guess they don’t have the man power to test everything like it would need to be tested to ensure it is fault less. I gave my HMD a like 5-7 minutes quick test when I got it, since the package was badly damaged and my first impression was like hey cool its working fine, no dead pixels, all looks good.
At night when I fired it up in Skyrim al was fine until after a bit of playing (guess 15 Minutes) I started seeing it - so it could be that QA now is testing - but I guess they don’t have time to spend like 30 Minutes or more with each HMD.

Well no point in talking it down - its shitty and it would do PiMax good to some how ensure this does not happen very often when they go mainstream.


SUPEN-2347, while I wait, I’ll try that foil trick


Hi @MReis
I can confirm both A and B.
Took a week to get replacement cable from China and since no more issue with snowing.
Hope you get it sorted soon :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:t4:


Thank you @Jean-Mehdi - the hmd is otherwise fine and if it is only the cable and I. An Switch in a week of sobald be issue free that would be awesome ! ( This one has less black dot pattern then the first one had)


Funny you mentioned black dots pattern, having all sort of issues with mine but haven’t seen any black dots.
just a dead pixel / no sound /cracked headset / wrong ipd adjustment / dust or something behind the left lens and i think that’s it :thinking::sob::joy:
A part from that headset is amazing .

Waiting for support to answer my ticket lol