About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


I got my replacement cable from pimax and also have a new error
audiostructures on both sides, rustle, crackle …
the flickering pixels are of course still there
good work pimax, gradually I think they want to fool us …


Hi, I’ve followed the link in the original post and it gives me the message “Signup is not currently available” whenever I try to make an account. I see many posts saying the same thing, why isn’t this fixed?


You mean cable didn’t fix flashing pixels ?


yes, unfortunately, I think they have not extensively tested the cable.
probably not


Damn @Ralf that is really bad.
I guess the cable would need to be “stress” tested @Sean.Huang?
I also guess that is hard to do… I thought mine was fine after a short “delivery” test and at night I did not see it for about 20 minutes or so until I noticed the effect starting up, so testing like 6000 Kabels for 20 minutes at minimum is a lot of time - like 2000h of man time, damn.
I guess the supplier would need to assure a better quality and a technical stress test - how ever you could/would do that.


I have experience that the support is rebuilt and that the supen-tickets are only worked by a full-time and two half-day powers … I wonder why pimax the backer not informed … that would save us a lot of frustration


According to my information, pimax currently concentrates fully on the pimax controller and the upcoming pimax8kx which supposedly should have the best display … I myself do not think of such information … the kicker project was the backer already baited with false facts … eliminate the screendooreffects, etc.
empty promises … and then you get such a bad quality after such a long wait …
pimax should first research their quality standards … I’m just disappointed …


Voodoo ;-).
Well you are right to some extent - but I do Believe that it was not an bad intention - its the way projects go and doing what they did as a “small” company on a global market is not an easy task. But Sure it is frustrating and I guess some aspects should have been better handelt due to existing experiences.
I also Believe that they have not such a great rush for the 8kx as they did with the 5k/8k and also more experience with the basics of those models - basically its just getting a good 4k OLED screen (which would be the best - thought it would be LCD but lets hope ) and a way (2 Cables?) to hook it up - the Horse Power to drive that will be more interesting to acquire.


Has anyone tried ferrite chokes? I doubt the tin foil mod will do much unless it is connected to the cable ground.


I have, on all leads, no effect.


Yeah Eliminate sde is too subjective but is true for those whom it is. Though many confuse seeing pixels as seeing sde.

Like @Toba sde is eliminated.


same for me, replacement cable was duff also.

third times the charm, hoping for new cable to be sent around 8th.



Hi Sean -

Did the next batch go out as planned, “by next week”? Was I in it? SUPEN 2045.

Thank you.


I sent 2 mov files which shows snowing pixels in STEAM VR home.Thank you.


I can agree. When the Pimax is getting warmer, there are more flickering pixels.


Interesting that most people with problems that are including their backer number are all high - 5500+ and mostly above 6000 it seems. So at some stage perhaps they started receiving a whole load of faulty cables. I’m 6189 and have same issue and the periodic black flashes too.


Well My First HMD did not have that issue (but dead pixels), cable was fine, so it could be that they dumped a load of faulty cables on PiMax since my replacement is most likely from a later batch of HMD’s.


I think this is more because these backers are now getting their headsets. A lot in the 3300 area had the same issue but were reporting it about 2-3 weeks ago rather than now. I am 31XX with the issue.

Of course it still could be that the same batch of cables was used for, e.g., 3000 - 4000 and 5800 - 6800. Perhaps over 3 production lines one used a bad cable batch while the other two lines’ cables were good.


5k or 8k? Please. I believe you’ve clarified as backer.

@Dallas.Hao add to earlybackers


5k+. While I have been using th headset tonight the snow effect has been getting worse and so has the frequency of the blackouts.