About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


HI I PM you with details


I just received my replacement headset, and it did work right away with tracking/lighthouses/controllers unlike previous headset. But the new problem is the snowing pixels.

Also very first time I booted and watched trough the lenses, there was this super weird split screen effect.


I cannot see any flashing pixels but I occasionally see a small white flash in the centre of my viewing area . Is this still a symptom of a bad cable or a hardware fault .


submitted case SUPEN-2444 5 days ago for cable issue still no response


Also getting the split screen effect


5k Thank you for shipping
However, unfortunately a lot of noise appears on the screen.
Sometimes the screen turns black like an eye blink.
At startup, there is a part shifted in the horizontal direction in the center of the screen (pimax 5k can be cured by turning on the power).

I registered a support account (3 email addresses) I can not log in.

Help me.

Order P122173

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen


Added a couple of pokes to your post. Support is working on getting a solution to the support site.


Screen gap at startup
The left lens
The color on the top has changed


SUPEN 2121
When will i get my replacement cable please?
You pimax guys drive me crazy, been nearly 3 weeks now
All ive got is an expensive paper weight :frowning: xxx
@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen


Thank you for your busy schedule
Should I wait until the support site problem is resolved?
Do you have any contacts?

Since some people are able to log in to the support site, I tried changing the mail address, but there are no addresses available.

I hear the same story, so I have a lot of troubled people.
I hope to heal soon.


Hi, I can’t access http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/ as it says it is timing out. I’m having the same issue with snow in the display (I received my headset 2 days ago). Is there another way I can request assistance? My backer number is 6467


I got the same problem as you.

Sparkling white noise and black eye blink. Keep me posted if you get any solution pretty please :slight_smile:


I added pokes to your earlier posts to Dallas & Doman (these 2 folks are our main Pimax contacts here)

With the added Backlog of Support requests from the Chinese New Year. They are overwhelmed trying to get caught up.

Hopefully one of them will be able to look into your headset’s issue soon. Any patience is of course very Appreciated.

PimaxUSA is still working on getting the US division set up. Once he has it setup the backlog will Clear quicker.

One question (may have asked already) Are you a backer or Pre Order?


Thank you for your reply.
I now understand the meaning of posts.
Send it to the message of the link destination.

The answer to the question is a pre-order.


I sent a message to Dallas.Hao

I will report if there is progress.

I hope that everyone can solve it


My apologies. English is a terrible language for clarity at times. Far too many words have multiple use/meanings. Especially once slang comes into play.


Just opened SUPEN-2616. I hope that this time I’ll get some actual help with the issue. =/


Still waiting for replacement cable, 3 weeks now
SUPEN 2121


What?! How?! Shall we mobile phone camera, or what does it mean?


That must be so frustrating! After mor than one year, people get their headset, without base stations…, without controller…, and then the user have imaging issues and have again to wait for weeks, to get a replacement cable or replacement device. I’m sure, most people will never invest anymore again in this company, after they got their headset. When they can’t fix their problems fast enough, then they should hire more people instead of letting wait the backer again… and again… for month without any reply’s!