About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


Another snow pixel issue: SUPEN-2652


Still no response to SUPEN2121, I sometimes get a how can i help you? But its lije talking to a brick wall, i repeated my details and problem many times, but never get a answer to shen i will get a replacement cable.
Its a joke


I also have this issue after receiving my 5k+: SUPEN-2663.


There was a reply
Misalignment of the screen is a software problem and seems to be corrected by the update.

Snow noise (he’s saying flicking white dots issue) didn’t respond, so I sent the photo again (converted it to GIF but did not send the video)

Reply is
You find flicking white dots issue right?

1.Click “Support” button on banner of the forum

  1. Sign up a new account. (You can create a new account easily)

  2. Apply a tickets for our tech support engineers to arrange the solution

I was able to register the support site again.
I was able to register with the same email address and password that I could not login even if I made it before. (Not login but register again)

If you can not login, try again
I was able. I got a ticket.

The rest is waiting.

Thank you very much


I have this same gap/double screens, restarting the device helps. I do not know if its cable or headset




Your welcome though @Dallas.Hao’s thread on snow issue isn’t supposed to require all the hoops folks seem to be jumping through.


Got an update !
michael wang commented:

Dear customer:

Your Cable has been delivered today. The courier company is TNT Tracking number is XXXXXX

I believe that the site to use the tracking number (UK) may be https://www.aftership.com/couriers/tnt-uk .

Nothing is showing there yet (“Please try again later, we are awaiting tracking info from the carrier.”) so I believe / hope / assume that Michael means that the cable /will/ be delivered today, or it has been delivered to the UK warehouse.

@michael.wang : fyi to a native speaker your language above means “the cable has been delivered to your home today”. If you mean it is being delivered later in the day today, use “the cable will be delivered today”.


You jumped the queue Tharg :joy:. Glad you got some movement from them.


Update again. Looks like they are going by air from China? Used this site in the end : https://www.tnt.com/express/en_gb/site/shipping-tools/tracking.html. Set to arrive with me in UK in 2 days :

Pimax people : A correct way to put this to me on the ticket would have been “the cable will be dispatched today” or “the cable will be sent today”. Saying “delivered” means it will arrive at its final destination.


@Sean.Huang @Alan.sun @Doman.Chen

I tried to pull out cable and reseat on my 5K+ and 8K. I still have snowy flashing pixels on both headsets.

Backer # 4,723, 5K+ SUSPEN 2735
Backer # 2,830, 8K SUSPEN 2736

Thank you!


Still waiting for my replacement cable , have you sent it yet please?
SUPEN 2121


Today i got my 2nd replacement cable and i tried it out for the last 15 minutes.
NO Flickering with the latest replacement cable!
Later i will try ED for a couple of hours to ensure that it doesnt appear after a longer session.
Thanks for your support @Sean.Huang!


I can access the support portal now, I have submitted a ticket.


I have been unable to login to the support page it always says username/password is incorrect, I tried resetting my password creating a new user still nothing i eventually found an email to send to surrort@… and i got an auto reply we will be in contact, that was on the 9th march.
subject had SUP-253 i take it that’s the ticket number.
all i want is a cable to use the darn thing so it stops the flickering and sparkles i would even buy one if they sold them


The new cable resolve my white dots fickering issue, i m very happy, :grinning: the Pimax 5k+ is a very very good hmd and i do not regret this purchase. many thanks for pimax team and
more particularly to Doman Chen and Sean Huang :+1:



It is really a good news!
tks for supporting pimax!


I’ve just tried my replacement cable also and though it was only for a few minutes, it appears to have cleared the issue completely. Thanks to the team! :smiley:


My new cable has eliminated all problems.
I´m also very happy with my 5k+.



Received, tks for your support