About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


Open an sup(issue type choose technical support)we will arrange the cable replacements


could you send me your email address.


Hi mozi. Any news on my delivery of the replacement cable. Supen 2301


We will ship out tomorrow. sorry!


yep, except sending u email with my problem, writing here about my problem im also have to open an sup, which isnt easy to do…
after starting your page https://pimaxvr.com im entering mine login and password, after im trying to open support page, but instead of support i have to fill another one user name and password, and store account or forum account data didnt works, wth guys i need third account to open support ticket? why u cant already send me proper cable? u have my adres etc


Try this it works for me use your email address instead of your username


creating third pimax account helped me, email etc doesnt worked…


@mozi Can you check on the status of my 2 cables, I still have not received them.

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Thank you



Can you please check the status of my replacement-cable (SUPEN-2280)
Delivery-Adress is correct!


Hi mozi.
There was also noise in the replaced cable.
When will my second replacement cable be shipped?


@Sean.Huang Thank you for sending the replacement for SUPEN 2444. I’m now getting the solid red light. I flashed the firmware, tried different ports, no luck, just solid red and black screen.


I just noticed mine doing this on beatsaber and other dark games. I will need a replacement cable. I will submit this Monday or Tuesday


Swapped back in the original cable and still solid red, error 10500. So hopefully it’s not the new cable. Continuing communications through my existing support case


can any of you that have replaced explain how you did it ? I don’t want to force the shroud.



I should have removed this request sorry, I found the answer and posted on my original question. got the cable in but still will not track back to ticket status update . .


hello. i wrote this problem in page of http://feedback.pimaxvr.com/ one week ago.

please check the problem out.

thank you.


@Sean.Huang the replacement cable resolved the snowing pixel issue. Just had to do a fresh install of Pitool and now everything works great!


Please check SUPEN-2326 and my emails to Alan. I reported the issue on the February 26th.

Do you need any more info from me? Has a cable been sent?

@mozi @dallas.hao


hello guys, can i get track number for my cable replacement, ofc if u already sent it to me