About Replacement Cable for Snowing pixel issue


SUPEN-3033 :spider_web: got track number today, thx


@mozi @Doman.Chen @PimaxUSA Can you check on the status of my 2 cables, I still have not received them.

Backer # 4,723, 5K+ SUPEN 2735
Backer # 2,830, 8K SUPEN 2736

Thank you


@Doman.Chen @PimaxUSA

Please update me on the current status.
Now I am also facing EMI related issues like grey outs when touching the headset.

It started since the lighthouse came into play.
Hope the cable will fix these issues.

Thank you!


Hi,have you replied to the confirmation on your support ticket?
Please check again and do not reply to the eamil directly,thanks.


Doman, might I reccommend adding a tagline to your team’s responses stating not to reply to notification email with

Click here to logon to support desk.


Good idea,the team have done this already but i think there is not obvious enough.


Larger font maybe with Bold to empathize. But yeah often folks get into habits of replying. Another option if doable is set the Notification email to send an Auto reply with a general message to logon to the support desk to respond to ticket. (Much like an autoreply when out of the office).


Thanks in advice,we will update the support system asap,in order to provide best service for every futurers


Thank you that helped!


Dear Pimax guys,
it’s not acceptable that (after months!!) it’s still such a mess to login on the feedback/pimax-site!
Even when I click on “forgot password” I don’t receive a new one! And no, also not in the spam-folder!
Would you please help me, to order a new cable …

@Dallas.Hao @derekvvv


You need to use Your email address as username and it’s not the same account as the forums or shop.


Thx mate, I’ll give it a shot …

Edit: … I have to apologize! I’ve thougt it’s the same username/password!
Because many guys have had problems to log in, I was sure …

The contact is done - and the answers came very fast! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, about one week ago I received SUPEN-4625. So far no more informations.
What´s gonna happen next?


Nobody home …?

SUPEN-4625. Still no further informations! What´s gonna happen next??

@Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen


would you PLEASE give me an answer?!


Snowing pixel has gotten worse and now the screen is out of sight. When can I get a new cable?


Same issue with the cable, snowing is getting worse and worse every day. I’ve requested the replacement. If possible i would even buy a few units of proper working cables just to prevent the issue in future. I’m using my headset for playing VR in competitive matter so need to have the hmd working every day. Pls contact me asap

kind regards

@Dallas.Hao @mozi @DerekVVV


LL314509468CN EMS, this is the tracking number , have you received it ?


I did not see the back number in SUPEN-4777, please send me here.


I send your cable today,

LL354433025CN EMS


thx for the info - nobody informed me!
nevertheless, i can see the parcel is already in my country! :wink: