About your order information is incomplete


your send me an email
said your order information is incomplete
but i have been complete my all address and phone no
can you help me checkout my address is complete?

my information is
[P123136] January 14, 2019 Paid Unfulfilled $694.00



Same here, hope there wont be any problems with adresses


+1 same email with .pdf. Mine I think was because when I did the broken day 1 order, I used a different email then when I actually got the order through. I recall I had to match my PayPal email which prevented me from using the first email address.


Same here.
I really do not understand the meaning:thinking:


I also got that mail (P10xx) and I was missing a phone number on the order.

I guess that it’s complete when You filled out all the fields they mention in the .pdf and of course save the changes (“Update Address”)… :wink:

I sure hope so as I have no idea how long it’ll take them to verify again! :smiley:



got this mail too,
actually everything was correct,
Let’s see what the support means…



Seems like a lot of us are confused about this? :slight_smile:

I noticed one thing:
After updating my address info, my orders still contain the “old” info even though my profile is updated with new info.

Meaning if You’re checking the address on the orders we (the users) are NOT able to change them. It seems it’s only You who can do that… :wink:


My phone number was missing and I checked the Set as default address.