Action stations! Action stations! Set condition one throughout the ship


Since i know the Pimax HMD is finished and ready to ship to us backers the waiting for my Pimax makes me crazy now.

So to kill time i started my very own little project for my Pimax to arrive. :grin: Wink at Robin send me my HMD already aaarrgh i am dying inside.:sob:

Now all Battlestar Galactica fans raise your hands and say it loud with me. Since this fracking show rebooted in 2003 it will not go away anymore :laughing:

Back in the day when the show was aired i tried to recreate the Viper MK2 from the show in 3D.
Since then the model was collecting virtual dust on one of my HDD.
As i also need basestations for my Pimax and the full Set is not ready anytime soon i recently bought a used Vive even though the SDE on that thing makes the waiting for my Pimax even more a pain.

I had this project in my mind for so long already and was thinking about doing it for my GearVR but if you go mobile you only get mobile quality. Now with the Vive i at least can aim for HD quality despite the bad SDE.

And so it began, i started to rework parts of the Viper model and textures, dusted off my Cylon raider model and played around with Unity 3d.

The first result was this see video below.
(the cockpit in this video is still the old one but i wanted to test parts of the the new TOS Raider textures and how they look in Unity.)

So since this little experiment was so much fun to create (learning by doing) i thought my Viper finally needed some sort of shelter. Turns out this was a bad idea and ended in an absolut overkill. But here it is.
I present you Hangar Bay 1 of Battlestar Galactica.

Hope you guys like the first results i am only hobbyist and haven’t done any 3D Artwork in a very long time.
All this ingame lighting(backing) stuff is new to me and a pretty steep learning curve.
Because of that this whole thing is also pretty unoptimized and mainly focuses on look and not on performance.
As of now there is not much in the Hangar, all the little details are still missing and the Gate animations are not in yet.
But i thought i’ll show you anyway and hope to get some feedback.


Looks fantastic. Great work!


Hey, thx glad you like it.:smile:

Already have some idea what’s next after the Hangar Bay is finished. The Viper Pilot ready room would be the perfect location as media viewing room i need to have a look if there is a nice solution for media viewing on the Unity Asset store asap.

Watching my favorite shows in my all time favorite shows Environment haha.


Watching this video made me think about rewatching the whole series. :smile:


I`ll definitely do exactly this soon but starting with the original series.

Small Bonus video i just did enjoy :joy:


Thank the Lords of Kobol you kept this going. Love the Hanger.


Was a big fan of BSG ( original series ) I’d kill for a simple close quarter dog-fighting sim with Vipers protecting the Galactica against a raider attack! One of the original series would be great, but either would be loved!


I wonder what would be involved in setting up some kind of mod for Elite Dangerous. Set up a separate CQC server and pop in these models. Not a complete game or anything, but seems it would be pretty rad to go pew-pewing around in a viper in close quarters :slight_smile:

Awesome work!


Hehe good to see some BSG Fans here :grinning:

There is (was?) a really nice Mod called Diaspora were you could do that based on the new series (-the Galactica) but i don’t know if it supports HMD’s was a long time ago the last time played around with it.

My problem is i am not a programmer and doing a real space sim without good code is hard to do. Making the guns and flightmodel to work for the Viper was a real pain in the A** :sweat_smile: but now you also need AI for the enemy player which doesn`t behave like a stone brick and can also shoot back. :laughing:

Don’t understand why there is no real official FPS BSG game until today this series provided such a good story…

Is it possible to mod ED? I haven`t had a look at it but if there are modding tools that sounds at least interesting. I have ED on Steam but haven’t played it much so far may be that changes in the future.

But at the moment i am focused on Unity just because it is so super easy to use and even as a one man show you can get decent results and of course the Asset store is a huge help.

Played around with the lighting a bit to give it more the BSG look not as easy as i thought in a game engine without losing to much performance. Also started to add some first probs.

I just hope that when i get my Pimax this will still be playable lol.

Edit: Forgot the reference picture


Hell no! At least not in this sense. DrKaii has made a great little application that has almost become a necessary companion, but there are no mods in this context. I would almost be tempted to show this to the devs and see what they say. They’re all huge sci-fi lovers at heart, and I can’t imagine you’d get anything less than a warm reception/internet high five:)

Also, if you are currently equipped with a VR headset (and haven’t tried it yet) you need to jump into ED in VR. Arguably, it’s one of the best VR experiences so far.


Well done ! The hangar looks great. But there’s something missing… Where is Chief ?!! :smile:


A small update with the bad news first. I am an idiot and managed to kill the whole scene in Unity so i had to start from 0 again.:scream: Lesson learned.

Now the good news. I have it up and runing again just need to fix the lighting and some texutres again so ignore this in the following video.
The mishap happened when i was working on the launch tube gate animations. They are working now by the way see video :grin:

Yes i should do that soon but if it really is that good i will spend all the time gaming again instead of focusing on this little project lol.

One could argue you are seeing it through his eyes and there is simply no mirror on Deck :joy:


Ouch! This is why you should keep numbered versions of any project (map1, map2, …) or use a version control system. That’s saved me a lot of work in the past.


Great work.

The best backup system I use for work is a Synology Diskstation NAS and their Cloud Station app. Anything I save to my local SSD drive is mirrored in the background to the NAS, it also automatically stores versions so you can rewind time on any file. It is a life saver.


Thank you both!

Yeah normally i do backup my work the Viper and Raider models are like 8 or 9 years old and they are secured on 3 or 4 different discs just in case you need them one day. But as i have said i haven’t done any project for a long time now and this at the beginning little project went out of scope so quickly that i forgot about all those good habits.

Will definitely have a look at version control keeping manually track of all the files i already generated becomes harder and harder so everything that helps is welcome.

@D3Pixel thx
I have qnap NAS right next to me but i only used it for my film collection so far lol. So that’s the next thing that will change, i hope they provide a similar easy option, always good to have automatic backups :innocent:.


I don’t do automatic backups, but I should. Instead, I do backups as needed, to an internal 3TB hard drive, which is usually disconnected. That is for protection, just in case I get hit by malware which encrypts my main SSD drives.


Skynet, are you using Substance textures?

Also, If you ever need somebody with a Max / VRay subscription just give me a shout as I have subs to both. Can be handy if you need file conversion or something.


Yes Albedo, Specular, AO, Normal and Emission maps are done in Painter.
I bought a substance painter and designer indie licence when they came to steam, haven’t used it before but thought it might be useful some day. Just updated to the latest version for this project. Have to say it is a really nice tool but sometimes is missing some important features like for example a path tool but hey i am hobbyist so for retouching my old textures this tool might even be a an overkill.

The original Viper was modeled in Lightwave 9.6 i think and textured using Photoshop. Bought a Lightwave licence when they announced their Core programm and offer that never happened. Still have a valid 2015 version but i have switched to Modo Indie now because they completely ignored their modeling tools for so many years. I would say i am a average hobbyist modeler but if even i can spot all those shortcomings they should think about their future path with their tools.

Just hope that i never hit the stupid poly limit in Modo Indie other than that i really enjoy modeling with it so far. Sure would love to have a full licence to use all the nice plugins and scripts but my pocket isn’t allowing it there is simply no turn over to justify it. :sob:

Thx for your offer btw.

Viper Screenshots from Substance Painter


This is the reason why the poly limit in Modo Indie might become a problem in the future but we will see.

Oh don’t stare to much at the old Lady she is a bit shy so naked :smile:


I found a nice backup tool on the Asset Store which is now saving a backup on a different drive for me so at least Unity should be covered for now.

Modeled the first small extension for the Hangar Bay namely the Elevator Room where the Vipers and Raptors come down from the Flight Deck. It still needs some work to be done but i thought i share it anyway.
Wanted to have at least one of the big Gates animated so thats done also.
Have to say Playmaker and iTween are some handy tools if you can’t code and hate animating :sweat_smile: