Adding a mic to the 4K


I just picked up Eve Valkyrie for cheap, and want to play online with a mate. Does anyone have any recommendations for setting up a mic for multiplayer VR? I could use my desktop mic but obviously as soon as I turn around my friend won’t be able to hear me as clearly.

I was thinking of maybe attaching a bluetooth phone headset mic to the HMD, but don’t know if it’d work on my pc.
Anyone tried?


I haven’t tried it but with windows allowing you to choose audio/mic devices it should work. So if you have bluetooth; i’d say try it.


i have a friend that uses discord on his phone with his phones bluetooth headset. i personally just have a set of razor headphones with mic as i fly in dcs world with friends and comms are so important. still to this day the fact a mic wasnt added to a VR headset baffles me. like buying a car without seat cushions.


He wants to just use say the blutooth’s mic. Ehich should be possible in windows sound sertings


Personally I have to use my own Logitech headset to get the mic. So I have 4k with the straps for my head set to the largest setting. Then Logitech headset worn 1st and Pimax over the top of that and the side straps fold over the ear cups of the Logitech - stop headset sliding off when looking up or down.

I use TeamSpeak for in game chat as I have my own TS server. Works really well.



This is my solution.