Advice needed on vr ceiling cable management


Hi, I am waiting patiently for my pimax headset as we all are… .so in the mean time I have set up a VR room of 30 sq mt. I need advice on the best way to suspend your hmd cable’s from the ceiling. I have tried hydroponic yoyos, but the tension seems too strong. Ideally I would like adjustable ceiling mounted devices that take the weight of the cables off my head and allows me to move around in roomscake without the fear of tripping and losing immersion . Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. .thanks


have a look at this video… dont focus on the guys joking presentation, but his idea is sound!



Much appreciated…looks exactly like what I need…:+1:I’ve tried pausing the video to see what brand the pully’'s are…but I can’t make it out. I don’t suppose you know what brand they are or where I can purchase them?.cheers


i don’t think it makes much of a difference as they are just extendable keychains… i actually use them when i go skiing for my ski pass… similar to these ones.