Aircar vr coming to steam in a few days



For those who have not tried it. It’s already on Oculus store for free. It’s a tech demo, similar to blade runner type car flying around a city. It appears to only work with controllers on the Oculus store version and no hotas or keyboard mouse support… Shame really. But those that have tried it say it’s really really good but can cause vr nausea even for hardened vr simmers. I’m using the pimax 4k with hotas so cant start the game properly other than getting the loading screen playing. Let me know what it’s like though!



Looks cool, Think I will Stick to Elite Dangerous. :sunglasses::wink:


it’s super short and yes, vomit inducing, i have it on oculus, you’re not missing anything, lol.


You would not like Elite then :slight_smile:


lol you’re probably right.


cant wait to try this on large fov!


Most amazing, especially with Blade Runner soundtrack in the background:)