All about Pimax 5 BE

  1. What will Pimax do (if anything) about the OLED SDE issue? Is it possible that the OLED currently decided on will change, much like the 5 to 5+ did to improve the SDE issue? I would love to see 90 fps since your so close already anyway. I ask this question since reviewers mention it as the major issue and therefore the reason to choose the 5+ instead. Also, I preordered the 5 BE.

  2. Pimax is saying that they are mailing the devices in 90 days. Does the 90 day countdown true for the pimax 5 BE version as well? If not, can we get an idea of when it likely ship?

  3. When will Pimax mail the BE versions to the testers, like MRTV, to talk about?


Oleds are generally pentile in vr headsets save StarVR One that is not released as of yet.

So it is unlikely any new Oled BE version will br out for sometime. Oled also is a screen type that burn in is a real concern.

Not sure on the 90 days thing can you provide link? As have not read that. & don’t think the production updates reflect that either.

As for Testers no info that I am aware of yet as to when.


I’m still confused about this.

On the store you have the ‘‘customer edition’’ and ‘‘business-edition’’
On the business edition you have 3 types,
5k BE, 5k+ BE, 8k BE. all the same price ‘‘999$’’

  • On the ''5k BE ‘’ you have the oled.
  • On the ‘‘5k+ BE’’ you don’t have the oled
  • On the ‘‘8k BE’’ you don’t have the oled to.

Is ‘‘5k+ be’’ worse for a single customer user then the 5k+?
Then why does only have the ‘‘5k BE’’ oled?

i Just want all info about… why they only add Oled on 5k BE and not the 5k+ Be.

I just want to be sure to have the best version of pimax for best quality they have.


BE os generally business edition & vsn be used for Commercial purposes. (Ie Special warrenty)

The Pimax 5k BE is oled.

The other 2 are clpl but have license for business use


Ok that is out of the way.
But is the pimax 5k be, the same as 5k+?
and not older version of the pimax ?

So… the only difference between 5k BE and 5k+ are the lenses ( oled )
I’m talking on the inside not the license of course.


As Far as I know the only change is the screens. Oled Pentile. So a lot more sde than the 5k+.


Damn. forgot the 5k be has sde issues
Then going for the 5k+.
Think of AMOLED…