All current reviews for the Pimax 8k v5


As a wireless solution he says that Display Link is better.


Just to note Tribalinstincts is 100% Vive born and bred. Even if the final 8K was absolutely perfect this guy would not convert


Then surely if it finds a fault it will not be silenced. I almost trusted more.
When he can only complain about nonsense, the Pimax 8K will be ready.


Could no agree less.

When he ‘chose’ HMDs there was only Vive or Rift, and he strongly feels that VR should be an open medium with as much a ‘power to the consumers’ kind of idea as possible. He did not and from what I understand does not see Facebook as a company willing to do this and hence focused on the Vive as an ecosystem.


I don’t know Tribal Insticts so far, but what I noticed is that he was not aware of the Pimax being at CES, so he certainly does not seem to be following the VR scene in terms of new developments and players very closely. It’s not shame if a regular user does not know about the 8K, but somebody covering VR with a YT channel cannot have missed the KS campaign and the stirr it caused, and with the promise Pimax suggests in terms of improving the experience, you just would expect him to be fully aware of it coming to CES, if he happens to be there himself. Even if you don’t trust Pimax, you would definitely have it on the radar.

His assessment seems fair though, in line with other reports.

But he obviously only looked around for a minute or so, but did not really seem interested. He said he was feeling slightly nauseous, but it also appeared that he was in quite a hurry to leave, did not even bother to ask anything.

Just interesting to see that a guy who is into VR that much that he would be broadcasting his own channel is not at all into new developments pushing the limits. But okay, I have never seen anything from him before, so he may be more the mobile VR for the masses kind of guy who just thinks that this high-end stuff is not the direction of VR he is covering. Fair enough, he did not diss Pimax or anything, just probably is not too interested in that kind of VR devices. I did not watch the rest of the video, would be interesting to see if he showed the same lack of interest towards the Vive Pro.


He was very interested in Vive Pro and wireless solutions. With Vive Pro played many demos, did several interviews, etc. Perhaps he had been told about the image distortions, which he already says is something he hates. He has noticed tearing in the center ¿convergence issue? and distortion of the images on the sides, so he should not have been eager to continue.


Okay, so he just does not believe that anything good can come from a company like Pimax.
Funny if you consider that the current push for VR was created from amateurs like Palmer Luckey (yes, with interaction with more professional organisations like Valve).

But okay, Pimax will have to prove him wrong. As long as they don’t get the distortion/IPD/artefact issues under control which have now been around for quite a while already, the 8K may end up being a nice alternative for some people who do not notice the distortions due to their individual IPD, or some other factors, but it would then not become a generally accepted state-of-the-art VR HMD. It would effectively be a successor to the role the 4K is playing today, an alternative for some people valuing increase in resolution (and FoV) over the flaws it has otherwise.


Pimax will be for a niche market of higher end pcvr gamers. I think reporters follow the masses, and current big vr headsets do lackluster fov because it’s cheaper and accessible from lower end pc users,meaning more market penetration. People who love vr though, just for the sake of vr, have a keen eye on a company working to fulfill the holy grail of vr. It’s been a conflicting experience for me, because a lot of publications and vloggers, I felt like they were people after my own heart.



So many different impressions. I like it, but do not forget the others.


This was a really nice one! Cool that he tested the “knuckleish prototypes” too.


So glad to see this.


Market penetration doesn’t mean as much as it used to. A reputation and word of mouth caries more weight these days. If it delivers as promised they’ll hold the high end and they can expand downwards in time as costs decline. Being the first with 200FOV at an acceptable resolution is almost like being first to market, possibly penetrating all of it.


That was an excellent review.


Finally a proper review!

He actually communicates with the reps before reporting on what he’s testing. To me the shape of the controllers looks good. Touch controllers you can let go of

10x more informative than that Tribalinstincts review


I think what we are seeing here is that normal users and techies not primarily into VR, like this GizmoSlip guy, are less critical about the flaws they see because they are impressed/overwhelmed by the resolution and FOV improvements, and do not notice the details so quickly.

On the other side you have the Ben Lang kind of reviewers, experts on VR, who are pretty critical, because they only are interested if it offers a better experience than the existing VR HMDs and they do look for all the flaws, because that is what we expect from them - to tell us, what we might miss in a 10 minute demo but would start to notice at home, only after having purchased the product.

And remember that a company will always select their demos to show their products from their best side. We still do not know how the high contrast performance in games like Elite will be with highly lit, fast-paced space ships moving in front of the black void, ReVive compability, framerate stability, etc. etc… There is still so much we do not really understand as long as they have not handed out their prototype/product to somebody who can take 2-3 days to thoroughly test it and compare it to the existing VR HMDs, and also see which flaws you ignore after a while and which ones start to be magnified more and more, the longer you use the product.

I am curious when we will hear from Pimax about their conclusions from the CES show and the schedule for sending the units to the selected beta testers. However, given the amount of issues I can see that they need a coouple of days more to make a thorough assessment of where they stand today, and when it makes sense to enter the beta testing stage. Sending out the V5 without clear improvements on some of the issues will not really achieve much.


I totally agree with what you say. I expressed myself badly.
I like that this review it’s not so bad, but evidently I believe much more the opinions of professionals.


Regarding the Revive theme, I see it as serious. It’s not just that Pimax would be the only system not compatible with it, but that people may continue to buy applications from the Oculus store when Pimax might know that will not work well. Apart from the fact that they promised to show oculus games and Revive is the only tool that allows it.


I think that it is not compatible with revive, because they would have shown something.


It would be nice if Revive works, but I won’t sweat it if it doesn’t. The only OH titles, I own, that I can’t get on Steam are Lone Echo and RoboRecall. I have about 20 Steam titles and 5 OH titles installed and those available in both stores were purchased based on price rather than politics., Even if Elite Dangerous. DCS, BOS, Assetto Corsa and PCars 2 are the only titles I get running at an acceptable level I will be happy. I bought the Rift with only 2 of those as motivation, so I am hopeful. I admit that it would be great to play Lone Echo on the Pimax, but it’s not a deal breaker by any measure.