All current reviews for the Pimax 8k v5


What I can’t understand is why Ben isn’t excited abou tthe idea of a 200 fov 8k pixel width display if he is a VR expert. The reviews seem kind of against the idea of the company itself. But how can you not route for Pimax to succeed and be passionately interested if you are a person immersed in VR, especially since there is no one else playing the game at that level.


@denali I hit him up about that and they came back with a list of articles they’ve done over the last year. None of them were a hands on or interview with the company. Personally I believe RTVR’s attude will change now they know nothing new will come from Vive for the next 2 years

Then you have Tribalinstincts. He went to CES purely to hype the Vive pro. He spent 5 minutes with the Pimax and completly wrote it off. All his viewers are Vive users and theres no way he’s going to change devices


That was a very optimistic review, which is nice. At the same time, I can’t help but notice that he wan’t familiar with the concept of knuckles controllers, which doesn’t speak well to his familiarity with VR. Also, where is he getting the bit about no integrated environment?

That said, I am glad to finally see someone holding the new controllers and actually letting go of them.




I’m really excited for my Pimax. The more I read and listen to impressions, the more I feel like the overall experience is going to be fantastic. I’m easily immersed in a great experience, I think the minor negatives mentioned thus far in some of the reviews are the types of nit picky things I’ll be able to tune out. Got my 1080ti, and room set up, just waiting for my very late Birthday gift :slight_smile:



Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t seen this video.
All I can see is positives. Ru is such an endearing person.


I too missed this one. I kinda got behind in my checking into MTBS. Forgive me fellow Canucks. A bit of historical trivia. John Carmak and Palmer Luckey first hooked up in the MTBS forum while Palmer was working on the DK1. Neil tells the story in an early "Messy basement segment.
Love Ru’s “fresh baby” comment.