Almost perfect with one exeption



Now that my pimax is finally working I’m impressed, more than anything by the pitool brainwrap options, the reprojection is sooo good, i get better fps than with my samsung odyssey that has lower resolution. Its just working perfect, much better than Windows mixed reality reprojection, xplane 11 looks better than ever before with smooth 90fps.
Now the only problem that i have with my Pimax 5k is that every time i loos tracking i get grey screen and i have to reboot the hmd and start the room setup from 0 to geit it working, is really anoying, i would be really nice is you fix this


Great news! Wow Xplane 11 and 90fps?!? Sounds like I need some guidance here haha. But I guess reprojection/brainwarp does the job for u!

The tracking loss sounds strange. Are u sure your lighthouse setup is correct? No mirrors in the room?
Also I highly recommend to use the sync cable between the base stations (version 1.0 at least) It has solved so many issues for me already back in the Vive days.


So now Pitool 121 beta works with x-plane? ? ? ?
have solved the problem!


Last time I tried with 121 (maybe 5 days ago) I did not get any VR view. The simulator window reacted to head movements but nothing seen in VR, only SteamVR dashboard environment.


Thanks, as soon as x-plane comes usable I hope you will be able to get the big news immediately!!!