AMAZING 5k+ : I love you PIMAX



It is absolutely amazing. Elite Dangerous is what I always dreamed it could be and Skyrim with mods is ridiculously fun and immersive.


Can’t wait for controllers and wireless.

2080ti here.

Got my Pimax 5k+ just a few words!

Just you wait Mr./Mrs//Sir/Ms Bum U_U. If you have not done so yet check out this post

then if you are so inclined go on ahead to

HMD brightness set to high
I have my contrast @ 2 and brightness per eye to -1

I would recomend unplug the hmd, uninstall pitool give your box a fresh boot install beta and plug it back up.

All i can say is color vibrancy and Elite Dangerous after the beta install = #MindBlown

PS- if you dot own an asp explorer get one if you do make sure to give her a flight around in the HMD --> a HolyCrap experience


I have an ASP Explorer… love being surrounded by views =-D

Thanks for the info… I’ll give it a go this week.

Mr. Bum