AMD Cpu & Gpu news 7nm


Tom’s Hardware Article on Upcoming Zen2 & Instinct migo gpu.,38029.html


Sounds great, hope to hear more about desktop chips though as 7nm Rome is a datacenter chip. 64 cores and you can have two of them so 128 cores and 256 threads!

As for GPU, It’s called the “7nm Mi60 Instinct GPU” in that article.

As I predicted, they have gone multi-gpu I think (the reason they use infinity fabric, same for CPU cores) on a single card.

The GPU is based on the advanced Vega architecture and is the first PCIe 4.0 GPU on the market. It also is the first to use the Infinity Fabric over the external PCIe bus and the first GPU to have 1TB/s of memory bandwidth. The MI60 offers up to 7.4 TFLOPS of FP64 and 14.7 TFLOPS of FP32.

That has higher stats than the 2080 Ti but not sure if it is to compete on cost with Quadro or the desktop cards. If they really do use Infinity Fabric to bond GPU’s together then it will be very quick.

They might knock Intel and Nvidia out of the top spot when it arrives. Interesting times. Also, it will need a new motherboard that supports PCIe 4.0

edit: It is a server card.


Now your playing with Power. :laughing:

Curious if the pci-x 4.0 gpu will still be able to run in the 3.0 slot.


For the GPU yeah they are backwards compatible I think but you would be gimping the bandwidth.


Definitely be gimping bandwidth. But do know there is a crowd using old server dual cpu boards with only 1 16x Pci-x slots and if mem serves only v2.0?