AMD Driver is coming eventually?



I have a Vega 64 and there are performance issues. For example in IL2 Battle of Stalingrad I was getting ~60 FPS on my Odyssey HMD.

Exact same setting in the Pimax is giving me ~20 FPS. So while performance would be expected to drop it should not be that drastic.

2560x1440 x2 - Pimax 5K+ pixels: 7,372,800
1440x1600 x2 - Odyssey pixels: 4,608,000

So I would expect ~40% performance hit, not 66%. I am messing with settings to see what I can get as playable and will post my results in a separate thread. Might help provide some expectations and insight for AMD GPU owners.

Radeon VII Support comment

Not yet but @ICDP is posting promising results compared to my earlier tests.


After quite a bit of messing about I have figured some ways to improve/fix performance on the Vega

My SteamVR SS settings were set to per game profile and in some cases this was 200%. Setting to manual and 100% max SS in SteamVR and PiTools Rendering quality at .75 helped quite a bit.

I tried PiTools HMD quality and anything below .75 gives a horrible low res quality. I have left it at .75 for now and am finding the results acceptable.

SS at 100% and PiTools Rendering Quality at .75 gives sharpness and IQ comparable to my Oddyssey (non +) but with improved SDE.

Setting Rendering Quality at 1.25 - 1.5 and SS at 150% gives much sharper quality than the Odyssey

So I am happy to report that performance issues on my Vega 64 are vastly exaggerated and just some messing with settings were required.


Awesome news!

@Hessfire & other amd users will be happy to hear this!


Very good news indeed!

Now I just have to get fully moved and finish my Team Red Water Build.

Do you have any suggested settings working for Elite?

Awesome news!


Looks like the R9 Fury cards are also not working. PiTool doesn’t detect that the headset is connected to the DisplayPort. So… that’s fun.


Problem with Fury is it only have 4GB memory.


Yeah, I was hoping it would work in Bigscreen or Virtual Desktop. That’s about all I was hoping for until I upgrade later this year.

And there are reports of a 680 ‘working’, so I was hoping for at least basic functionality.


Umm can you link 680? I have seen 970 & 980ti.


Thats the same card as what I have. Had a feeling it may not work.


GTX 680? That’s what I have too but it doesn’t have a display port - only DVI and HDMI.

EDIT: I’m an idiot. It does have a display port. I just got a new monitor with dp and noticed the 680 had once too…



Interesting but can’t see a gtx 680 working very good save video.


Yes. Think it will be too slow. Far cry 5, non vr, gets about 45fps at 2080x1440 with everything turned to minimum. I think it might be the 2gb memory that’s a killer in many VR games.


I’d be fine if it only worked for video, like Bigscreen in the void, or Virtual Desktop. That’s actually all I was hoping for with the current card.


I’ve let a friend borrow it that has a 1070. It’s working fine for him. It’s just a paper weight for me until I buy a new card.


Sorry to hear. You received a 5k+?


Yep. I’d love if I could use it. shrug oh well. The perils of new tech. I’ll be able to use it later.


I hear you. I had that problem in the early days when Steam came out. Bought a game & couldn’t play it as at the time no internet. Hopefully things stabalize enough for the needed upgrade.

Even a 1060 6g or 980ti can give you a reasonable experience as long as one doesn’t expect to run crazy games. @Ludx & @Fresco have demonstrated as much. So a used vid card may give you enough if boost til you can afford something better.


Well if all goes well with delivery another Vega 64 guinea pig is ready to test this bad boy out today a new driver from AMD just dropped today as well I think,watch this space :grinning:


I still cannot use my Pimax i received a week ago, with a AMD Fury X i a receiving alway the error 10935 in pitool…does someone knows how to resolve this issue?
Buying a nvidia card at this moment isn’t a solution.
I am using the Fury X for Oculus and also Vive development withou any issues!