AMD Driver is coming eventually?



sadly i have no other video card available, so i am not able to switch.
Is there any progress on the side of pimax or amd?

My pimax is getting dust on it :smiley:


ou nooo, whyyyyy? :frowning:


Heyhey, are there any news? I am still waiting


The latest pitool and firmware is working fine with AMD Fury X,please check.


Hi I just spent an hour trying a lot of stuff but I still end up with error code 10935.
What I tried:
-Updated to newest AMD drivers 19.3.2
-Tried fresh installs (even deleted appdata folders) of Pitool and
-Even flashed firmware (DFU) on the headset.

Am I doing something wrong? I really wanna help solve this issue for myself and others.


Which amd gpu are you using?


I am currently using an AMD Fury X



Added Doman to your post.


Please PM me when you are available,thanks.


Ok i tested Pimax 5k+ with PiTool v1.0.1.111 and AMD Driver 19.3.2 without success.
Still receiving error 10935 :frowning:

Can i do something else to help you to solve the problem like Zeehond mentioned?


Yes,please PM me,thanks.


I am now using pitool V1.0.1.112 and it’s working with Fury X
Headset firmware: V2.1.255.193
AMD driver: 19.3.1 (newest is 19.3.2 haven’t tested if it works with it.)

Thanks for the all the help


Where to find the Firmware V2.1.255.193 ?


It’s part of PiTool .111 and .112.


kk thanks! I found the file recently :slight_smile:


It comes with Pitool. But you might want to try new beta. Lots of new features & has FW 211. Improved Amd gpu support as well.


Hi, I just wanted to report it’s been working fine for me on vega 64 except 2 things:
Brainwarp seemed to just not work at all (image doubling and jittering) and switching the frequency of the headset (90 Hz -> 72 Hz for example) make the display show about 1 frame every second…


If your on the new Beta; there might be kinks to work out yet. If I recall right motion smoothing has had issues on vive & oculus?

Which headset & backer or pre orderm


I had both issues on all versions i tried, i still haven’t tried .121 (but i did try the previous beta).
5K+, early preorder (P11**).


New beta has listed improved Amd gpu