AMD Driver is coming eventually?



Yep have a personal profile still playing with it,trouble is this is a 1st gen Power color Vega literally first in the UK,had a hell of a time getting it to run with my Ryzen5 1600X and the memory had issues with the mobo at launch.

the heat it generates is insane it could melt a polar ice cap !,and setting the fan does sound like a jet engine when the heat is on,hence trying undervolting and it’s envitable at this rate I will go Nvidia with my new build,I don’t think Navi will have the punch needed sadly :roll_eyes:


For 2 grand entry fee for the top end nvidea, I’ll turn my settings down and buy a portable aircon especially for my vega if necessary …LOL still way cheaper…
Lets face it, running the latest games with the highest settings is pretty idiotic when slightly turned down you barely notice it visually. But there is the…I spent sooooo much money it should run everything maxed out and still have headroom mentality …LOL Running a pimax has been said to be beyond todays offerings anyhow, but stillllllllllllllllllllllll they carry on.

Its too expensive to change when if they got the drivers and software sorted for use with the AMD we wouldn’t be having any discussion at all…

would we?