AMD Driver is coming eventually?



Yep have a personal profile still playing with it,trouble is this is a 1st gen Power color Vega literally first in the UK,had a hell of a time getting it to run with my Ryzen5 1600X and the memory had issues with the mobo at launch.

the heat it generates is insane it could melt a polar ice cap !,and setting the fan does sound like a jet engine when the heat is on,hence trying undervolting and it’s envitable at this rate I will go Nvidia with my new build,I don’t think Navi will have the punch needed sadly :roll_eyes:


For 2 grand entry fee for the top end nvidea, I’ll turn my settings down and buy a portable aircon especially for my vega if necessary …LOL still way cheaper…
Lets face it, running the latest games with the highest settings is pretty idiotic when slightly turned down you barely notice it visually. But there is the…I spent sooooo much money it should run everything maxed out and still have headroom mentality …LOL Running a pimax has been said to be beyond todays offerings anyhow, but stillllllllllllllllllllllll they carry on.

Its too expensive to change when if they got the drivers and software sorted for use with the AMD we wouldn’t be having any discussion at all…

would we?


Just to add to this discussion. I have a radeon VII and exactly the same problem with my pimax 5k plus. The card is only loaded up to 75%, remaining very cool. I can run some games for hours (skyrim) whereas others instantly crash (beatsaber), after which my pc show the 300msec cycle of stuttering while the headset tries to reconnect (but keeps on failing). Only a reboot will help in bringing it alive again. Another weird thing is that overall framerate performance is low while the gpu (and) cpu are never maximally loaded… Hope pimax will solve these issues for amd users soon…


Amd also needs to fix things up. Interesting tgat Skyrim runs well while beatsaber crashes.


Pimax folks, I tried this (beta pitool 121 & radeon 19.3.1) but it doesn’t solve the issues for me.

Could you please try beatsaber on amd radeon vega to see if you can replicate the problems that I have with my pimax 5k plus? I get a guaranteed crash of the headset within minutes whereas other games such as skyrim runs fine for hours…

I fear that there is a real risk of amd users massively returning their pimax headsets, myself included, unless you let us know that you are working on solving this!


Yeah Amd is really behind on getting their Driver up to par. Hopefully with them working together they can get it fixed up.

If you & other Amd Gpu users can also try submitting to Amd your results with Pimax.


I am in contact with amd on this issue.

Another interesting observation is that beatsaber runs fine on my pimax when I swap my graphics card with my old vega56! My conclusion is that the crash of my headset specifically occurs with the new radeon vii. This must of course be a driver issue.


Beat Saber never crashes for me on my RX 580 4G either. Many other games do however.

5K+ 72Hz flicker

So interesting
Radeon VII & Rx580(4g) not good (crashes)
Vega56 & r9 390(8g) good?


Well, SmartSmoothing doesn’t work on Vega 56(I see doubles), otherwise good.


Even with pp on?


I’ve tested this in SteamVR environment with PP on. Actually, I never tested it with PP off, should check it out.


So I did a test on the fresh .129 beta PiTool:

  1. If PP is OFF, SmartSmoothing works in SteamVR home (or at least it has no adverse effects).
  2. If PP is ON, SmartSmoothing starts glitching the picture: whenever the HMD is perfectly still - everything is fine, if you try to move the HMD, the right eye picture starts to jump and tremble chaotically, and BOTH eyes have double vision (meaning the image in EVERY eye is corrupted).

Don’t have time to try it in any games today though.


I dont have a Pimax unit I have the Odyssey plus but in general have mediocre performance with my Vega FE even on the latest drivers. My Vega was aircooled to start but is now running a Liquid bios with increased power limit and higher clock. Still the performance is meh. IL2 runs at 45-50 even at 150% going any lower and its a pixelated mess. Arizona Sunshine had some micro-stutter and hovers in the 80fps range. Killing Floor seems to be anywhere from 40fps to 65. Fallout 4 is very poor performing with dips in fps that have a tendency to make me sick. Not really a fan of how poorly AMD handles VR. And my card like the Radeon VII has 16GB or VRAM so texture load and high SS should not have this much of an impact. Interestingly SS settings don’t seem to apply at all or are imperceptible to me when I turn DSR(dynamic super resolution) off in AMD Adrenalin settings menu.


Vega FE is really not optimised for gaming, it really likes long hard maths problems… Few thinsg I have found as a Vega 64 users on watercooling.
BETA pitool, it works way better on AMD than the standard one.
Set the power state to 6 or 7 as the Minimum on core and ram, as switching states seems to cause stuttering.
Power limit to +50% and under volt, so you get a stable core speed.
Keep the HBM temp to 50C or less (core to 55C or less) especially if your overclock the HBM.
Check you CPU for spikes, for some reason SkyrimVR goes into 100% on 4 cores, but just mouse clicking bring it back to normal levels. I see this as really choppy frame rates in game, click the mouse and its back to really smooth sub 7ms frames.


Good news for AMD RX and Vega users:


Found my 100% CPU spike was some naughty mining software that’s got onto my system . wasn’t found by any Antivirus or anti-malware software, but was fortunately simple to remove.
Skyrim is now running a lot better and can be heavily modded :slight_smile:
But i do run it in narrow view for best performance.