AMD keynote at CES 2019


AMD’s keynote at CES is planned for wednesday, so tomorrow. Let’s hope they bring some interesting stuff for us because we need faster GPU’s really bad. I’m personally hoping that AMD is going to offer some kind of GPU pooling solution, that would really kick Nvidia’s ass but honestly my hopes aren’t too high.


I sincerely hope that too, but chances they will launch their next gen gfx chip now are low and it is too optimistic to expect it, 'cause it’s still in the works, however they could announce their full move to 7nm for both the Zen line and the Vega refresh line, and if they will be able to show such a Gpu and it will compete or be just a little faster than a 1080Ti , I’ll wait no time to buy such a gfx card to replace my current 1080.

I’m so sick of Nvidia arrogance, greed for money, cheating on people with aggressive and fake PR and announcements, tons of hype and poor consistency, and now even low hw reliability, that I’ll be happy to jump ship and give them the f****r , they are no longer worthy of my money :angry:


In a few hours we’ll know if AMD is going to be a player of importance again in the GPU department … Really looking forward to this keynote. They surprised us all by taking the lead in the CPU department so who knows …


Keynote starting in 20 minutes. Watch live here:


New Vega V2 on 7 nm announced, 16GB HBM2 memory, huge bandwidht, lowest power consumption of the category, announced performance on par or a bit faster than Nvidia 2080, to my eyes they have won already :slight_smile:

If this baby is not going to cost more than 699$ and as soon as they will fix the driver part and support VR better, they will have a new happy customer…


Hmm, 1080Ti perf at $700. They won’t sell many of those, sadly. It’s a viable alternative for anyone looking at the 2080 but hating Nvidia though.


Yeah at least AMD is back in the game, that’s what’s important. And since this is the first GPU on 7 nm, I’m sure there’s enough room for improvement.