American Truck Simulator problems with new Pitool 109



Anyone else tried American Truck Simulator with the new driver? It looks like the view is no longer centered in game now. There is a slight angle when looking at the game menu. This makes the overall menu appear slightly blurry. When in the truck your position is slightly angled which makes the FOV appear slightly off when looking around. I was also positioned a little too far away from the wheel and the interior of the truck cab felt too large. I tried re-setting my view with the F12 key but it didn’t fix it. The game worked fine with earlier driver releases, although it had performance issues. I was hopeful that motion smoothing would help it but there were also pretty severe screen artifacts with that activated.

Anyone else seeing the same?


Question,- are you using lighthouses for positional tracking?

If yes have you run through the steamvr room setup again?

If no, is the seated position in the cab too low or high? If too low try looking straight Up and then centering, and if too high look down and then center



I am using lighthouses but I didn’t run through the steamvr room setup again. I’ll give that a try tomorrow. thanks for the suggestion