Any chance for kickstarter backers to get pimax 5K BE?


Now that I chose 5K+ instead of 8K , I see the release of kickstarter pimax 5K BE … any chance to be able to switch to the “best one” realeased ? I’m in backers 5200 … so I have time!


He uses it for 4 minutes and everyone switching to the BE because he said it the best? Didnt know you guys share the same brain and eyes.


Can’t you tell the difference between ASKING FOR THE POSSIBILITY and ASKING FOR THE ACTUAL SWITCH ? LOL, of course i’m going to wait for more information to decide if I switch or not… (but everyone knows the superiority of OLED on black levels) and this one guy tested a lot of VR helmets, so he can make a solid opinion quickly…


Ok i misunderstood then. Glad youre waiting for an actual review to determine what you want.


anyway I can’t occurding to facebook :"Jeroen Hoogeveen sorry pimax has just announced at the forum that a switch isn’t possible anymore " :frowning: I hope it will have big defects…

I can find in forum : “Oled screen has black smear problem. Not solved yet. And not a nice problem to have when you move your head a lot in a game”. Hope it’s reality…