Any Fanatec users?



Anyone here own or going to buy podium DD1 or DD2 ?
Also I would like to hear opinions about CSW 2.5+ BMW GT 2 rim


I’m running a CSW2.5 with Porsche wheel.
It’s absolutely brilliant. Leaves you unable to ever go back to Logitech level and wonder how you thought that level was ever worthwhile.
It could rip my arms clean off if I’m not careful with the settings especially with something like dirt rally. And you can feel so much more detail in the wheel’s feedback.
I’ve not used a direct drive and the CSW2.5 doesn’t have me looking to upgrade at all.


I have the GT2 rim and had a CSW2.5 base.

I’ve had my DD1 now for about two weeks and am very happy with it. It’s super quiet and really refined feeling. Nice on-centre weight etc.

Dirt rally, DD1 and 5K+ are a match made in heaven.


Thanks for reply. I bought CSW 2.5+ GT2 Rim recently but can you tell me what is your expirence with DD1 , is it worth this extra 650 euros ? Are you better driver thanks to DD or only more immersed?


Yes keen to hear comparisons and thoughts on whether worth the extra money.


Whether it’s worth it is a bit hard to define. I sold some things including my old base and had the cash, so it was fine for me. It’s a bit different than really saving hard to just make that change and laying it all on the line for the results.

Immersiveness is important to me as I’m the sort to be put off by the little details. So yeah, the quietness I noticed, the power I noticed and the detail I noticed. I had my old CWS2.5 really dialled in too, but the tiny details and on centre smoothness were not as defined.

As for being a better driver, that’s hard to say. I took a bit of a break and then got my Pimax and DD1 fairly close together. I jumped into a full course Dirt Rally Pikes Peak gravel hillclimb and didn’t crash once. That to me I thought was pretty good as I used to have to try really hard on that course. I’m also beating my other lap records.

I don’t do iracing or anything and do lap after lap to note the fine changes in my driving. I mainly do hotlaps and bounce from car to car, and game to game. So I’m unsure if my better driving is from the DD1, or racing in VR with a wide FOV…or both.


It’s the detail and centre smoothness that attracts me. My CS2.5 is plenty powerful enough and noise doesn’t bother me, I have the sound up quite a bit through headphones and have never noticed sound from wheel when playing, only watching others play.
I’m a sucker for a more detailed feel though. Maybe it’s best I don’t try one out because it’s a lot of money and I have my eye on other toys.