Any good Mecha VR games like Battlezone available



I love the Battlezone VR game. Im looking for something similar like with tanks or another Mecha style. Any suggestions?? Thanks!


I can offer this:

I play “Battlezone” myself, it’s just perfect with a gamepad in the absence of controllers.
The “Overload” will be next. I tried the demo level. This game is great with BIG FOV on 8K :beers:


The trailer looked pretty sweet, Ill give a quick review when I get the Demo downloaded, thanks! Im stix on Steam, if you want to play Battlezone anytime hit me up…


Vox Machina is good but more multiplayer oriented. But can play with bots


Nice, Is there a demo available?, I know you can get refund from Steam if you dont like. There is a demo for Overload but I couldnt find it on Steam so I just followed Century’s link


Yes, it will be interesting to know, because I have not bought this game yet, but I was very interested in the demo.
Ok, I’m still studying Battlezone offline. But someday I will get to online and try to hit you :beers: (im foxworks on Steam)

Yes, VoxMachine is also quite good … Already on my wish list


Great, I sent you a friends request. Battlezone can get confusing when trying to navigate and figure out the game. Sometime we can get together on the Battlezone game online and I can fill you in on some of the tricks and secrets


Ok, yes, it turned out… I still do not know how to search for people on Steam, this is a whole quest for me :grin:


No Demo by the looks of it


I am there as I am here. Feel free to add me.


I can vouche for Vox Machina.


Google Steam user name works. Lol. I think you just use search

As you can see need to update pic & other data like pc setups. Lol


Truly, it works, I found you there :grin::ok_hand:
But as far as I understand, it depends on the name on the incentive. If it is very widespread, then it will be difficult to find. And can also be hidden from the search.


Dont feel bad. This is the first time I have searched for friends :grin:


Yes, a great topic, Steam in this regard is quite developed, there you can even upgrade account level. (I once started, but then I scored on it.) And you can also beat cards. There is an application, iddlemaster
I always use it when I accumulate new games. Then I beat all the cards in a few hours and sell them, I get discounts on games in this way. Trifle, but nice :sunglasses: (this is officially allowed.

By the way, yesterday I was dropped SteamVR-object tank from the “battlezone”:

I will put it on SteamVR Home, as an exhibit. (but you can sell. Although I usually do not sell SteamVR-objects. I collect)


Indeed some change names so often you don’t recognize which friend is which. Lol


Archangel: Hellfire is free to play, buy to get some extra skins and a single player campaign which is an on rails shooter.

Back when this was first released i played it quite a lot on my Vive, its good fun with three classes of mech that all have different strenght/speed/resilience as well as differing weapons and special abilitites.
To be effective you have to balance your power distribution between speed, offence, defence and ability regen.

There are maybe four maps in team deathmatch mode and one map for coop wave survival mode as far as i remember.

The default controller setup on vive wands leave a little to be desired IMO so ive made custom binds:


Cool, Ill be checking this out as well. much thanks!:beers:


@stixvr The most-anticipated game of the genre is Mechwarrior 5 ! It’s going to be great sim with hotas +vr support


Now that’s fantastic news!


I tried the demo, WOW, that was intense !! It reminds me of the old game from PSVR called Starblood Arena, although this ship is easier to control. I made it to the Boss, I think?/ and then there was a countdown, countdown to what?, I didnt know what to do and the game ended :frowning: But it was damn cool. i was only getting 35fps so have to work on the settings.