Any good Mecha VR games like Battlezone available



The trailer looks really good for Vox Machinae


Yes, the game is cool, definitely need to take! Still, it is from the creators of Descent. (well, in fact, this is it, only it looks better, and even in VR, very cool. I remember, once I tried it on PS …)


Another Game like Overload is SublevelZero


Found a very cool game with a gamepad:

I bought it and tried it.
Just a great game :gift:
By the way, in general, the game looks good.
There are very few such games in VR, real RPG :wink:
You can even change the view from the 3rd or from the 1st person
There is everything: quests, mobs, loot and all that. You can choose smooth control, very convenient :+1:

@VoodooDE recommends:

@SweViver, you definitely needed to add it to the last video (about games with a gamepad) :sunglasses:


Just tried Collider 2, stuck there for 1-1.5h :grin:
The game is quite simple, though it can be configured with a gamepad, but the gameplay implies controlling the head (mostly)

In short, this is such a corridor flight with a collection of coins, flying through the shells / locks / holes on time and automatic shooting at rare enemies (even bosses), with regular acceleration on triggers.
The camera is centered on the stick, the view can be changed.

The ship flies forward itself in a given direction, you can only strafe to the sides (to slip into the holes) and accelerate.

There is some kind of survival mode, I did not understand how it works, but I got there a couple of times, collecting a lot of money in the process.

There is a leveling, upgrade of the ship, weapons, properties.

A decent game (with such a discount is a super game), very smooth, for warming up the head / neck самое (although you could have made a choice between controlling your head or a gamepad, otherwise you sit like a dummy, training your neck :laughing: But it is useful :beers::sunglasses: )


What’s up with Steam?
Everything slows me down does not load :japanese_goblin:


Not sure what’s up with steam. But at tgat price will grab it for sure. Just tinting windows atm lol.


Very cool!! I bought it for $2 !


This Game might be good for the price.

Bought it but haven’t tried it yet.


Ha Ha thats looks most awesomely entertaining. I better stay off my bike for a while after playing this game!