Any pimax 8k/5k+ owner that uses driver4vr?



Oh I see :frowning:

But have you tried it before with the pimax 8k/5k+?


95 is in the banner post Pitool downloads

103 is here



Do you find 103r191 better ?


I haven’t found it bad myself. Though some prefer pitool 91 over both 95 & 103.

Some see “running water effect” in peripheral of 95 & 103.

  • 95 introduces brightness control
  • 103 introduces open beta of BW Smart Smoothing


When released it was a yearly(monthly?) subscription, I know it went to a one-time fee(as you said), but I’m not sure of the current terms(looks like a 1 time fee).


Cool thanks wasn’t sure uf it had changed since last look.


nothing :frowning:
same problem without pitool


@MarcoBalletta @Heliosurge - I found the solution to the menu button causing crashes. I narrowed it down to Natural Locomotion.

EDIT: I got an extended trial for driver4vr and got it working, no remapping tested, but no crashes.


Awesome Don’t think I have that installed. Unless it’s part of steamvr by default. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


And that is with the 8k/5k+?



Yeah recall seeing it. But never installed it. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Yes, 5k+/Pitool 95/SteamVR stable/driver4vr(trial) and I’m getting a green ‘D4’ in the SteamVR icons.


Would you please share the steps for the driver4vr installation?

Do you just close pitool and steamvr and install it?



I have tested it on the 8k for the developer to help fix/optimize the walk in place (using vive trackers) for the pimax headset.
It seems working fine now.

The developer said they would work on wasd support too. That should be next on their list


Nothing was running when I installed it, and starting driver4vr launches SteamVR as well.


I reinstalled steamvr and now driver4vr works on my 8k.

Nalo is not installed now. I have to see if installing nalo in steamvr will mess up driver4vr.

Thank you guys so much for your feedback!


Do you guys know what version of steamvr was the last version working with openvr Input emulator , including all its functionality ?


I brought up the controller issue in the (NaLo)steam forums, and got a dll file to replace the default. SteamVR is no longer crashing when I have the controller connected.

As for the input emulator, I am using Sharkyh20’s fork, as this fixed the tracker/controller swap that stopped working.

Let us know how the captogloves work out.


Hi! Thank you so much for sharing the above solution for steamvr and input emulator.
I have quickly run it yesterday night and i saw that only the analog input can be remapped . There is no digital input remapping. I have never used input emulator before and I am not sure what is needed for remapping the clicks of the vive controllers to the captogloves.
Would you please be able to suggest what should I do?

Also, you mentioned some issues with the controller in nalo . What was that about ?

Thank you!