Any thoughts about this vr haptic suit?



I like the idea of whole body accurate tracking, and it looks good for that. I always wonder how good haptic feedback is on the body though. I can see I want good haptic feedback on my hands but wonder if I’d ever use it on my body.

What applications are you considering for haptic feedback other than your hands, at this stage in technology?


Probably none. I was thinking about games but I do not think any game at the moment have support for full body haptic feedback.

I am looking forward to get the teslasuit.

This holosuit seems cheap in the way it is built compared to the teslasuit


That video showed a lot of theoreticals that need very high levels of precision I doubt this suit can deliver


The teslasuit seems to be merely a cool looking suit with patches that don’t really look they do anything but look nice. I like the butt though. Nice butt there.


But the teslasuit gives feedbacks based on heat.and cold etc


Imagine Teslasuit gets tested with:
How awesome that would be. :yum:


I have always missed the ability to duke nukem kick baddies in vr.
And just think of the possibilities for in place locomotion.

As for VR suits.

But all in all.
It’s far too cumbersome.
people can barely get around to putting on the hmd and headphones.
Let alone having to change outfits.
And granted I have lost weight recently but I’m sure no-one here really want me see me in that or what I linked.


I don’t know what to say XD