Anyone bought or tried a Windows VR headset?


Please all keep in mind that only the Samsung Odyssey has an adjustable IPD, all other MR headsets not! I would think twice if the ipd is not near the standard 64mm to buy such headsets…


This time, hopefully it will be exclusive for Europe.:angry:


With your experience, do you think it is possible to disable position tracking for MR headsets ? It would be useful in DCS for example, where I don’t need much head tracking and maybe performance will increase.


I can’t believe how cheap these are in the USA,even with the $80 shipping to the UK it still looks cheaper! You should be able to order from

So are we saying the only advantage of the Samsung is the IPD adjustment? I just want something easy to setup for transportability for my business, people can deal with IPD for short term tests I reckon.


You’re incorrect. The Samsung Odyssey has a hardware adjustable IPD while the other WMR headsets all have software IPD adjustments.


Mine just arrived one hour ago.

I play DCS. It is marvelous. Bright, crisp, fast.

Better (lot better) than my former Oculus Rift, and slightly better that my former Pimax B1 (more bright, and it is 90 HZ indeed).

My IPD is 63. I heard that this is exactly what Lenovo Explorer wants. So others might have problems with it.

Little blurry on margins, I guess exactly how FOV-eated would look like.
Don’t have time now, but I might make some vids on how things look through lens. Never seen on youtube this yet.


guess I´m doomed, my credit card wasn´t excepted : /


Try it without the thick velcro forehead padding , much better FOV and larger sweetspot ,
I have made a thin velcro cushion for mine


$733 for samsung odyssey on amazon. Com even though they don’t ship to the UK… I thought it was only abit extra over the other windows headsets!! That’s crazy expensive


Is it comfortable? Front heavy?


It is very light. Being PSVR like headstrap, you can only feel two point of pressure on your head: back and forehead. But is is very light.

Raising the headset on headstrap is bullshit, not useful and not confy to look after things like keyboard or so.

First things we need to figure out is how to change the lens with smth better, from Bobo VR say.


I got a Samsung and returned it two days later. The sweet spot was terrible and I never managed to ever find it - also, it does not go down to 60mm ipd (it’s just over) so everything was not quite right for me with the unit.

I also could not get the text in Elite Dangerous to render properly at all.

I also thought it was far more uncomfortable than the BE/Rift headsets are.


IPD 60, were you in willy wonk a and the chocolate factory?



I managed to sales guru my way to getting the HP WMR headset for $40 from $600 (CAD) during boxing week. Honestly it’s great for toting around in my bag to bring to friend’s places and the occasional game for myself, but there isn’t enough dev support for it for me to be able to recommend it at its regular price tag. If microsoft made it easier for SteamVR integration (you can’t even launch it from windows home) and made better controller mapping to SteamVR games, I’d say it would be a buy. Until then, not worth.


Screen door effect Lenovo Explorer VR


I don’t understand this comment. I have purchased over 20 VR games from SteamVR and had no issues with them and my Samsung VR. I really haven’t ran across any apps that gave me much problems when using my Samsung HMD and the controllers. I also have no issues launching SteamVR from my desktop though I don’t normally do that. I still prefer to go into Cliff-House and launch SteamVR from a VR desktop wall in Cliff-House. The main reason I do that is because in Cliff-House you can see the battery level of your controllers. Nothing worse than running out of batteries in the middle of a game.

What exactly can’t you play due to controller mapping? The last few days I’ve been seriously playing Star Trek Bridge Crew, Warcade and Racket fury. No issues whatsoever!


About Racket fury, is it good? How is it compared to a real play? Off topic i know, sorry.


How do you get steamVR to stay as a window in the Cliff House? It only shows up for me if I manually load steamVR from the desktop first, then the window pops up in the Cliff House, but when I close steam or restart it’s gone. The controller mapping should give the option at least of using the thumbsticks instead of the touchpads, but it looks like they’re taking steps to do so. Revive now lets you use the thumbsticks and I remember seeing something about the newest beta of steamVR support taking steps to eventually support them in steam games.


I’ve played real Table Tennis for many years… I have two Table Tennis VR games: Eleven: Table Tennis VR and Racket Fury. Eleven bites. The mechanics of that game is really off. Maybe over time they’ll fix that. But Racket Fury is really good. In the real game I have a nasty curving serve and when I try doing that same serve in Racket Fury it responds perfectly as I expect. Racket Fury has all kinds of settings to change the mechanics but I have the settings configured to mimic real table tennis and I can play for hours and it feels damn real. The only issue I would report… forget about playing with real people. They do have the ability to match you with a real human but the few times I tried that I got bored waiting for someone to be matched up with so I exclusively play against AI. BTW, I really love not having to chase after the ball on the floor when it goes off the table!!! If you like table tennis and don’t mind playing against AI, yea, I would highly recommend Racket Fury!


Thanks, Good to know that. I have also played table tennis for many years now. I recently stopped training with younger people and one reason for using virtual reality is just to continue practicing without having to
interact with real people.:slight_smile: