Anyone bought or tried a Windows VR headset?


I think you miss understood me. When I put on my HMD I go to Cliff House Automatically. I already setup my Cliff House so that when I show up there, I’m standing next to a wall that has a window of my desktop. On my desktop I have Microsoft Mixed Reality icon. I click on that icon and I’m automatically transferred (teleported) to the SteamVR house (or whatever they call it). From the SteamVR house I select the game I want to play. And again, I do that because when I’m in Cliff-House I looked at the back of the controllers to check the battery level gauge. If I’m sure the batteries on my controllers are good, I simply start the MS mixed reality icon on my desktop bypassing Cliff-House to get to SteamVR House. I think Cliff-House is boring… more like a VR prison if you ask me.

Ahh… now I understand. I haven’t had much issues with that myself but yes I can see that would be nice. Maybe I haven’t played enough VR games where that feature would be really useful. Maybe when I get around to playing DoomVR or Arizona sunshine that would be really helpful.


just watch movies and play some small games, I recommend Samsung’s VRheadset. If you play some big 3A games, I recommend HTC VIVE and Oculus rift.
All kinds of VR devices are sold in Amazon, and you can find what you want in it.


Wow, very interesting recommendations indeed. And also it is nice you told us where to buy from those headset too. Thnx for that.

But how come that Pimax 4K is not recommended for movies and small games ?
And what about Lenovo Explorer ? It looks way better than Oculus Rift which looks better than Vive in one of the most AAA game ever, aka DCS Simulator and not only.


I bought the samsung odyssey headset a few days ago. It is exactly as the reviewers said: the display is better, but you still can see pixels if you do not move your head. If i compare it with my 4k, i would say to watch movies the 4k is still the best. But for anything you have to move your head around a lot or simracing, i use the samsung from now on. The samsung tracking seems to be quite good, too. I have the vive and the rift, too. Vive is collecting dust. I tried eleven on the free weekend, but is was almost unplayable and very unrealistic. I used to play TT on an international level, so you can trust me if i say eleven was very dissapointing for me. I can not imagine anyone seriously improving in real life tt when practicing in vr. Glad to hear that racket fury is better…

I usually play many games with vorpx on my 4k. I have yet to try it with the samsung. What is strange is that with the 4k, the image is perfect if you do not move your head. Then everything is crisp and sharp. But once you start to move your head everything becomes blurred away. Well, not the same in all games, but especially iracing or AC, terrible. With all the other headsets it is exactly the opposite. If you move your head everything becomes more readable and better looking. If you hold steady, you see the screendoor or individual subpixels. In the samsung you start to see the red subpixels. But only if you look for it. So no big deal and the samsung is definately the best package for simracing by far. Lenovo and all the other MR-headsets have no hardware-ipd-adjustment. Olny buy these if your ipd is around 64mm and if you do not care the lcd-washed out colors. But the lcd has better subpixel-arrangement, so most information on screen you get with these hmds. Samsung is oled in pentile arrangement. Like rift and vive.


Hopefully the team will have time to improve the ghosting issue on the 4k to get it back to at least what 1.1.92.

I am curious if you could use a vive tracking puck as the headtracker on the 4k


I did want to fiddle around with a vive tracker to add vive wands with good vive tracking to the 4k. But then i decided against it. The smearing of my 4k is so terrible that i decided to buy the Samsung Odyssey.

So far i am very happy iwith that decision. Makes waiting for the 8k easier :wink:


I hear you on the smearing its morw pronounced but know they can get it better due to how it was in 1.1.92. Granted it’s likely never going to be perfect as limited by its tech but a revised redesign would be quite good.


Just seen this post I would have got a Samsung on credit,but not sold in Europe which is a bit odd so
got a quote from these guys not getting one now,just got a PS4 so now I’m saving the pennies and waiting for my 8K.

Seems you can get one for the exchange rate of 450 GBP 5-8 business days,these guys seem legit even had a follow up e-mail to ask if there service was working,might use these guys for something in the future.


I did prefer the lenovo with vive wands mod but now am back to the gear lens modded vive for everything except netflix