Anyone Changed their Backer units to the OLED despite MRTV opinion regarding SDE?



Everyone was going crazy about changing their units after the first MRTV impression. Then many wee disappointed on the SDE video by the same person.

Personally, I want better colors, the 8k colors were bad for me when i tested it. I can sacrifice SDE since I am ok with it.

Anyone else that have the ordered the OLED units? If so what were the deciding factors for the choice. Everyone its so focused on SDE and disregard color quality. I get it SDE is important, but at the stake sacrificing color quality? Yes people can adjust to the colors of the 5k+ and 8k, but so can people with the SDE.


You can’t change now. You might be thinking of the info we were given before that said we could make a change after they gave 5KBE’s to the testers for a full review. Just another Pimax lie.


I have changed a while back. I do remember that reviews where suppose to be made for backers to have an idea of what unit to choose. That never happened indeed


I ordered the 5K+ so if I understand correctly it also has the color thing. If it really bothers me I’ll just buy the other one too…


That is an option. When I tested the 8k, i though the SDE was very minimal, but definitely was a big shock on the colors. Great that many don’t seem to be bothered. I was one of the minority ones that simply hated it. The Blu yells fish scene, which is not dark, looked devoid of life due to the lack of colors popping.


Would not give up clarity and be subjected to more SDE for better colors.
The sacrifice would be too great.


You can still have clarity and have SDE.


I’m staying 8k cos I hate sde above all but if sde is not an issue for you then oled is right choice.

Oled with that massive fov should be very very nice even with sde.

If pimax could add anti sde filter to Be like the odyssey + then wow


That would be nice indeed. Now with the new 8k displays coming up, is a matter of time that tech trickles don to mobile. The GPU’s however seem to be lagging behind


New 8k display? 20char


I believe he was referring to new 8K TV screens that will be coming soon…eventually that tech trickles down to mobile.


Yes, i was referring to trickling down tech


Alienware demoded 55" oled 120hz.

I’m waiting for microled or legit quantun dot displays.


That would very cool! also higher refresh rate is desirable for VR


Imagine though if pimax could even grab those screens used in Razor phone. Qhd lcd 120hz hdr. :heart_eyes:


wait, Razor phones already have 120hz display? Nice. I sure hope this type of tech is used for VR soon


Last year or year before. The lcd has the igloo(sp?) & is hdr1 at least cert It was said/speculated for netflix


interesting. what is the resolution on those phones? 1440p?


Yes 1440p. Here are the specs

Asus I think has a similar phone but only 2160x1080 at 90hz


These are great. Who will be the first to start using this new display