Anyone else tried Subnautica, not working on Pimax 5K+


Thank you for your effort in helping me.
Ill let you know once i tried it out :slight_smile:


your welcome… good luck


Cant get into the menu. Not with controller
Or Mouse keyboard.
Maybe i need to buy the steam version


no i dont have the steam version and i managed it… but like i said further up… took me over a hour to get it, bit of trial and error, the menu is off the side of the screen, so you have to kind of look at it from the corner of the eye and then time your mouse click… it took a bit of messing around but when you get the option of headset as a pointer and you save it… it makes it easier.


Ight, ill keep trying thanks !


Hi, @Neander i managed to get past the start screen with the Vive Wands and then activated the Controller + Selection by gaze. But I also have the rendering issues. Some effects only render in one eye, and obviously not correct. I has to be an issue with the parallel projection, but without the game is unplayable as the gui results in double vision.

Does anyone have an idea to fix it?


There is no fix for the wrong shader rendering at the horizon.
This happens with all headsets except with my rift.
I still played 40+ hours and enjoyed it a lot.
Go to nexus mods and install the vr options (a must, fixes many vr-related things) and other mods you like.


I already did that, and I’m also going to install this aswell today :

Nevertheless, the rendering Bug is really annoying. I didn’t noticed it with my Vive. I found a reddit where they’re discussing it and someone suggested it might be a FOV/Resolution issue. I’m wondering if it could be fixed with some proper value changes in a configuration file.