Anyone having "moving world" or finnicky tracking issues using basestations please read here for info



Wonderful news everyone!
“Moving world” issue during gameplay and finnicky tracking at startup all working great now for me!
The problem was the tracking firmware in the headset which did not perfectly track vive basestations. Pitool cannot update that specifically and only way to update if you have these issues is thru pimax supprt. Which I might add was the best support I ever had in my life. It was 1am in China and they still helped me. They had to connect to my PC remotely and did the tracking firmware uodate like that.
I undertsand now why some people (like sweviver) don’t see the issue and others do / It depends if the the headset has the fixed firmware or not.
So if anybody has these tracking issues they told me to just contact and he will arrange to connect to your headset remotely and do the update. No need for support ticket.
Super impressed now with the headset and pimax support.


Cool glad you got it sorted out! Can you explain what you were seeing in the headset with the “moving world” issue? Thx!


2 issues both related to vive basestation tracking.
The first was at startup where it was hard for the pimax to track the basestations. Pitool would see the basestation but would give me headset not tracked error message. It took alot of fiddlng moving around the headset before the status finally showed tracked. Now, I just move the headset for couple of seconds and the message shows that it is tracked and can then proceed starting my game.
The 2nd issue is harder to describe. The best I can describe it is that when I would tilt my head (i.e look up or down) or turn my head, the virtual world would kinda follow a little. Like the virtual world was not locked in place like it is in real life.Even if I tilted my head up or down slightly, the world would shift along with my movement. Not alot but just enough to be noticeable and break immersion.
I had the rift for 2 years before this and I can say that the virtual world with it was locked in place perfectly.
Don’t know how else to explain it. If you have the issue you would know it, trust me.
Anyhow all is good now with my pimax5K+ after this tracking firmware update.


Ok, thats what Seb at MRTV was promoting and still does with the wobble effect. Thanks for the reply!


Just to confirm you received 5k+ which date?


This is lose tracking issue, but I can found the issue although I don’t use the base station. If someone use controller and base station, they will connect or disconnect ramdomly. You can see that issue in stemvr panel. Those device icons alwaly blink or headset always sleep.


I recieved my Pimax5K+ on Dec20


I can’t understand your english very well but I think yes that is also symptom of tracking firmware issue on headset please contact


I think that sebastian found the different issue because this issue can caused in 5k+ too.


yes this issue seems to affect both the 8K and 5K+. But not all headsets because some of them already have the fixed firmware upon shipping.


Problem of this issue is, although the headset connect successfully, it still have this issue. I know this issue because my base station and controller always lose tracking.

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Hopefully!! but just yesterday at Vegas CES Sebastian demoed the 8K again and said it still has the wobble :roll_eyes:


hopefully this firmware is put onto future devices before they leave the factory


yes that "wobble’ in the 8K does not seem related to this moving world issue


Road to VR has confirmed the 8k latency after ces here they compared with 5k+.

I won’t be able to test this for a long time, in florida for a while. Hopefully Sebastian can test new fw if its the same wobble we are talking about.