Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


Sebastian is the only person ever reporting this. I sucked up every single detail about the 8K. I went back and forth many times and even picked the 5K+ in the survey only to switch back to the 8K via support now.

He either has a hardware defect or is imagining things. Might be an IPD issue too considering how sensitive tthese headsets seem to be there.
There are way too many people reporting their experiences with the 8K by now for something like this to go unnoticed.


I experienced that wobble seb was talking about in the pimax 4K but I only remember seeing it during video. It was exactly the same as what sebastian was seeing. When you move head side to side, the view in the headset would slightly move with you. Never seen it in any other headset, only the pimax 4K. So maybe only certain pimax headsets had this issues


I’ve now changed my mind and gone for the 5K plus. Only because I haven’t got the latest PC that’s required to run the 8K smoothly.


I wonder how many of these people actually tried both headsets in elite dangerous back to back… I did and the clarity was just extremely harder to ignore than the slight difference in SDE and black levels or color temp. To me the things that the 8k does have over the 5k+ are only a factor if i am going back and forth between the 2 headsets but the clarity just seemed much better on the 5k+ to the point that anything less than that would be unacceptable lol


Yes! I to am hoping to experiment with filters on the lenses with my 5k+
Have you seen the post someone made on here and added pics? Dont know if they were actual tests but based on the pictures it looked very promising. If you havent seen the post let me know and I’ll send you the link lol


Perhaps @sjefdeklerk might test put 3m diy dispersion filters as he has demonstrated his disassembly & reassembly skills. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Have Pimax done the colour calibration on the 5k yet ? If not why haven’t the done it ?


You mean directly on the screens?:scream:
I dont think i would be able to go that far with my unit at least for the first year lol Not after all the headaches and delays we have gone through lol
Would be content to at least play around with filters on the lenses (not as effective) but less risky on my baby lol


The only time I have experienced world wobble with either headset is with some Oculus games using Revive. It wasn’t specific to the 8K though, it happened on the 5K+ and Odyssey+ as well


No updates on firmware or pitool for quite awhile now. So no not yet.


The lenses are not completely flat like gen 1 headsets.


Thats a good question, they’ve promised some kind of color tuning option.


Something happened with SteamVR and the update, I didnt notice it until now but things have changed.
Image ratio has changed and Parallel Projection doesnt seems to affect framerate now.
Its wierd, I am not sure, running some tests now

Edit: it does affect framerate but now Image ratio is almost the same with or without it enabled…and its not good, seems the lost of clarity I had with medium and large that was fixed with pitool 1.5 is no longer working now.
Again I think its a ratio image that is screwed. Displaying a 2592x2193 or 3829x3239 doesnt fit for a 1440 (5k+ and signal) or 2160 (8k screen) pixels in hight screen.


As a bystander I can tell that it seems the VR hardware and the related software is still very much in a beta phase and non-unified. :face_with_monocle:


I’ve had to be away from all this stuff for a couple weeks. Now I’m back and, after selecting to swap the 8k to the 5k+, I’m starting to worry I shouldn’t have and I just asked if I can swap back to my original pledge. I really do play more sim based games than I do room scale, and space sims are my favorite type of game… I think I’ll wan the better colour.


This is exhausting


I tried both headsets with projectcars. Especially on medium to far distance the 5k+ the edges looked more blocky due to the pixel layout and less density in pixels. While on the 8k everything looked smoother and more natural too me because of that. The steering wheel was black on t he 8k while grayish on the 5k+ for example. Hills on the scottisch track where more natural green and the road i could see more details due to the higher contrast. so For me i liked the colors and contrastratio more on the 8k, The clarity is fine by me, it’s just a little softer then the 5k but to say blurry not at all, so that is overrated, the cockpitmeters are perfectly readable i find. This is my experience, maybe you can ask more people who have both headsets , like heliosurge you can send him a private message also.


Many who have tried both headsets say the are quite similar to each other. I don’t think you can make a poor choice. I have officially decided to get the 8K, mostly for better black levels and colors. Most have chosen the 5K+, so that’s the safe choice.

Like you, I find myself second-guessing my decision, but I don’t intend to change it at this point.


I understand but hey think about it this is not your last headset! What ever choice you make in about 6 months pimax will have another offering with the new analogix chip. I took the 5k+ at the end because I would like to try a headset with better sharpnees. But we did not see anybody with the 8k having a great deception


To be sure. I’ve maintained that all the way, internally, when I see posts about “future proof” headsets that I did always imagine the Pimax will give me 2 years or so before the next headset takes it’s place.


Think about it why they should give you 2 years? They want to build the 8K-x and on this road is the 8K+ Which could only be the 8k with the new chip and maybe a low resfresh rate native 4K mode on one cable