Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


Virtual desktop i believe for @allocen


5k is $200 cheaper and im sure a new and better hmd will come out. Better to use the 200 on that. I cant see sde so 5k is the clear winner


I’ve been on the 8k train before with some uncertainty. But since the data sheets for the displays were available, my decision has been made, I will choose the 8k.

5k+ color gamut: 63% sRGB (=70% NTCS (100% NTCS = 90% sRGB)), (= light color banding)
8k: 130% sRGB (= no color banding possible)

5k+ contrast ratio: 800:1
8k: 1200:1
8k: 5 Lux more brightness

Provided that the data sheets are really correct!

For me, image quality is more important than text sharpness.


Just to add my two cents, I’ve been using 8k for several weeks already and I’m happier than ever for a single reason: for me 8k clarity is good enough if you can pull some SS on Steam and PiTools, yet even though SDE is nearly invisible now, it’s still there and it’s still a bit annoying, so knowing that 5k SDE is worse, I’m quite happy I chose 8k, more SDE than this would be really annoying to me as I’m the biggest SDE hater.


I choose 5k+ although I want 8k to be the best.

Becasue when you will wait 8k to be better by firmware or new generation of gpu, 8k may is old tech and has more interesting other headset on that time.

look at odyssey+ for a sample of sde.


After watching and reading reviews, the general rule that I walked away with was that if you want to play simulators or games with high graphical fidelity, get the 8k. If you want to play more arcadey or otherwise less graphically detailed games such as Beat Saber or Subnautica, the 5k+ will be better.


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I doubt Pimax will propose a upgrade to 8kX, what would be the benefit for them? I don’t think HTC is proposing an upgrade for Vive Pro. Even if they proposed such upgrade, it would be like a $100 discount I guess.


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They have said possible for backers. But consumers no. But hard to say & truth gpu power seems to be in short supply.

But that new Nvidia card with 512gb of hbm2 mem might do the trick. :joy::joy::joy:


It makes sense, because most of the HMD is the same.

If 8kX is available and popular, they can convert other HMDs to 8kX B stock (and maybe they give the converted units to the upgraders).

IIRC when the 4k was popular, they were also buying back old 4k units so they could refurbish them.


That’s what some have said, but when viewing example sim pics with the 8K, my eyes see different!

I may have bad eyes ( OK I do) but I do not really see SDE except in gray darkish scenes, and with head movement. If my head is still, or the scenes is bright I see none! even on the rift.

I know for some FOV, and SDE is tops, but for me, it’s all about clarity, and Resolution. That low rez unfocused look of the rift kills immersion for me.

For me it’s the 5K+ no question, but perhaps adding a $299 O+ for Dark scenes such as ED, and for movies, both legitimate and questionable :slight_smile:


I currently have Rift and VIve and it’s not really the SDE’s that bother me as much as the lack of crisp details. I thought resolution would fix that but knowing now that the upscaling makes the 8k fuzzy, I’d rather have more crisp objects and looking at the 5k pics over 8k, it’s definitely feels easier on my eyes looking at the 5k. So long as the SDE isn’t worse than the Rift but I am hoping it will still be a little better. The blurry distances in the Rift/Vive bother me so much I don’t really care to use it much so hopefully it’s some sort of improvement in quality of images.

That said, it’s Thanksgiving and am wondering when or if I’ll actually get an option to choose the 5k + and how it will be done. I figured they would have asked me by now. But reading the news about the 5k being in production in January or whatever it is, I don’t expect I’ll actually see one until Feb…if something doesn’t happen by then which I’m sure it will. It’s been a year since the promised unit to be shipped and so these promises just keep changing. I don’t usually tend to trust people that do keep that doing that.


Not as fuzzy as upu might think. I find the 5k+'s lack of vertical Resolution the 1440 vs 2160. The 1440 with large numbers you can see the horizontal lines stacked forming the letters.

Much like in the zoomed tail light pick. The 5k+ has slightly more clarity but looks stacked were as the 8k is more rounded but slightly hazed.


It’s great to know they offered some upgrade path for 4k! How much did you had to pay for such upgrade?


I’m sticking with the 8K. As long as it’s better than the Rift, I’ll be happy.


I never owned a 4k and it wasn’t really an upgrade path.

They were buying them back, ie. you would give them your 4k and they would give you money ( IIRC something like 1/3 of initial value? )


Maybe more the pixel arrangement than resolution, the 8K is blurring this because of the upscaler and the pixels arrangement. Difficult to say 5k+ has less real resolution because in fact they have the same input resolution. It’s like saying more resolution enable you to see less defects should be the other way around its more a SDE side effect

Resolution is not an clear and precise word in this context.


Great. So 8K it is everyone :smiley: never had a doubt!

Again about decision 5k vs 8k

For KS backers, 1/3 is not interesting ($200), I think you’d get much more money selling it second hand.

Anyway, with ASW and Brainwarp coming we’ll be able to push SS much more and this should allow better clarity. With 5k+ no amount of SS will make SDE disappear :wink: