Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


That was 1/3 of the sale value, not kick-starters, so I don’t see why you would now try to transfer that situation to kick-starters.
Also I was just pointing out that sometimes companies can re-use old products, I did not mean to say that it will be exactly the same thing again for the new HMDs.

Regarding clarity, no amount of SS will make the upscaler make native output.
If you have 300% SS 5k+ will still look more clear than 8k
This has already been tested (with low FPS, but for test it doesn’t matter)


If it’s 1/3 of retail then it’s more interesting, 8k was $500 and we’d get $300 back!

If we can get the upscaler code to be updated to match the rainbow configuration of the pixels I think that we could get better clarity than 5k. After all, pixel density is higher on the 8k, current upscaler seems to be configured for regular pixel arrangement.

If we take the example of a 4k TV (with upscaler) vs a FullHD, with the same source, picture is better on the 4k.

I’m not trying to convince you that 8k is better than 5k, I’m just exposing my reasons for keeping it. I know that right now the 5k will give a better image, but I hope that in the future 8k will be better than 5k.


I backed 8k because I thought the same thing about the upscaler, but now I don’t have much confidence that it will be fixed.

Even if it is fixed, if it is true that 5k+ has smaller screens, then the input signal (1440p) will have higher utilization than 8k with bigger screens but same input signal.
At that point you would still have better input signal usage vs more pixels.
( and 100 dollar store credit )

AFAIK right now, the only good reason to pick 8k is for better colors.


From what I was able to extract from Pimax firmware, both 8k and 5k use 5.5" screens:

I don’t really care much about colors or black levels, I care more about SDE and potential picture quality on the long term. Also as I think MrTV said, there is no bad choice, both are very good headsets :slight_smile:


I will switch, dont feel like the upsacling work 100% and the 5k+ should have clearer picture with sounds better to me, even do i dislike the blue picture.


I saw that post, but I don’t recall we ever really confirmed which screen is used for 5k+?

From just looking at those specs, there should be no difference between 5k and 5k+


I choose 5K +, based on the majority of opinions of people who tested both headsets.
It is based on the fact that SDE is not much less by 8K than the clarity is 5K + more. That is, the minimum SDE will be noticeable on both headsets on some backgrounds, but 8K SDE will still be noticeable in the text. (I immediately recall how two users annoyed SDE on Virtual Desktop).

I think you should not make a choice, starting from SDE, because The difference seems really insignificant.

And if you do not choose by SDE, then 5K + wins on all fronts (except for colors, but the possibility of adjustment will be present in the software, we were also promised black to improve)

Here the basis of my choice is most accurately described:

My belief in 8K has exhausted itself, unfortunately :roll_eyes:


I also compared yesterday Lenovo Explorer with 5K + (using a photo from the @SweViver archive)

Original photo

Of course, this should not be considered a correct comparison, since different photo-shooting conditions. But I tried to keep the same scale and size, as in the photo Swevier.

Lenovo looks quite good, to be honest …
But, over all, it turns out that 5K + is better in SDE and resolution. I am satisfied with 5K+, if this is all true :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally, I was still totally on the fence… sharpness or colour and SDE, back and forth over and over. Ordered a O+, so now I have the best for colours and SDE, and I’m swapping to a 5K+, so I’ll get the ultimate in sharpness too.


Yep, I understand. Every time I see a 5K+ vs 8K comparison, I notice how much better the colors and black level is on the 8K. I waffle for a minute or two and arrive at my starting point: I’m getting the 5K+, but I still question my decision (day after day).


Thank you everyone for posting here with your thoughts and opinions!

Between the time I wrote this post and the time Im writing this reply… I took the plunge and bought another KS pledge. Its a 4700’s pledge and my other pledge is 2300’s.

So i’ll probably get the 8K for the lower number pledge and then wait for the 5K+ on the higher number ledge. This way Im sure I’ll have some Pitool tuning knowledge under my belt by the time the 5K+ comes in. Then I can do my own shootout between the two and sell the one that I dont like.

I’m 50% games and 50% movies, so its going to be a hard decision Im sure even with both in hand…


Wonder no more ppl. It’s offical.


I selected 8K at first time, due to the SDE… but then I tried all the HMDs and notice that horizontal SDE is less noticeable than diamond pentile SDE.

Now I’m in the fence of 5K+, because… if both has SDE, I prefers a nice SDE vs a annoying diamond SDE.


Is the 8K closer to a diamond pentile?

True statement for me anyhow, I really like the RGB stripe but for some reason I dont mind the zig zag pattern of the Pimax 4K and that might be because its so small.


Thoughts on workstation use?
Could you replace 2d monitors with it?
How is text etc…
I’m sure people say 5K is ‘better’
But I get the feeling 8k is still ‘good enough’ for that use and still at a virtual desk could still work?


You don’t notice it that much after a bit of time with it.


In my opinion, based on the through the lens photos, even when the SDE looked finer in 8k, the pattern made it look bad. But the colors on 5k+ is so bad (way too cold) so it’s kind of 50/50 for me now.


No way it can replace monitors imho, it could work for some light work or tweaking, but it’s still too low res to be a real substitute of a monitor. I haven’t tried any desktop app though, only the desktop option while on VR with SteamVR to change some things like FOV size, but still doesn’t feel like a good solution, perhaps creating a huge virtual screen and using a lot of SS would help, but i’m not so sure.


Still more low res than a regular 1080p monitor? Are you really sure about that?
Let’s say I’m currently 1-2feet away from my 1080p monitor. Reading text roughly 12px in size on normal webpages.
Is that really still unreadable in VR? I somehow doubt that.
Can you test for me? hehe thanks.
As a test. If you were to go through the forums here in VR. Try describe what issues you run into as a general web browsing experience. (if you want, obv don’t have to :P)


Text is very readable, but I don’t consider it as usable even compared to a 1080p monitor, so I don’t see it as a replacement.

I’ll give it a try to virtual desktop, try to do some desktop stuff like browsing or writing text and tell you more about what I think.


Some people are full on obsessed with text, like hmds are just fancy e-readers or they got traumatised by the Vive. Ive never understood it. It was fine on the rift and will be great on either pimax.
(I know text is something you can use to easily spot an inferior flatscreen but does that really apply with a 1.5 gen of 3d vr hmds that will never replace a monitor?)