Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


That’s the thing though. I could read text in Vive. Made it bigger, but I could still read it.
So I imagine this should be a ton better no?


Some people seem to want their hmd to replace their monitor completely, i don’t think we are near that personally


Yah I don’t understand it either, I probably spend 1% of my time in VR reading text, most of the time I’m immersed in some experience or game with no text anywhere, and most of the games have their menus adapted for Vive and Oculus so they are pretty big and it wasn’t an issue even on Vive, so much less in Pimax.

Maybe simmers, devs and a few others are very sensitive to it, just like I care a lot for sde and others don’t, so it’s good that we have options, but in my case I couldn’t care less for perfectly readable text.


Part of the main reason to try explain it, is that 2d monitors are very unhealthy for the eyes.
According to my own research, Due to the changing focal lengths doing dev work inside VR would actually be better for the eyes.
Replacing 2d as much as possible is ideal. =]
Aside from that. 3d interaction is just pretty cool, especially if combined with hand motion/minority report interactions.
Surprised more don’t also see it this way.


Now that’s some pretty interesting logic I’ve never heard before.


Naah, it’s bad only if you watch TV too close. :beers:


I Kickstarted for the 8k (actually for the 5k first, then switched!). After everything came out about the 5k+, I had decided to switch to that. But then I actually tried both units at the San Francisco meetup. To my eyes the 8k looks great, as sharp as playing a game on a 1080p monitor, and the text is perfectly clear and readable in Elite Dangerous. The 5k+ does make text look sharper, and it can be readable at smaller sizes (Big Screen was the test for that), but it actually looked to me kinda like a TV with the sharpness cranked a little too high - maybe too sharp. On the other hand, I couldn’t tell the difference in colors or contrast between the two - there was a clock on the wall in Big Screen on the 5k+ with a black face, and it looked black to me, not grey or anything. Nor could I tell the difference in refresh rates.

So what I’m saying is, I no longer know which I want now that I’ve tried them :slight_smile: I will be happy with either one. I’m kinda leaning towards the 8k just because that’s what my order is already, and I would guess changing it could delay my order.


That’s not actually true. All VR headsets currently on the market have a fixed focal distance, typically either 2 meters or at optical infinity.


And what can you say about SDE, is it noticeable at 5K + compared to 8K, or are they the same in this regard?


Well, the 5k+ looked a little too sharp to me, meaning I saw pixels. Didn’t seem them on the 8k, but I also wasn’t looking for SDE - anything better than my Oculus Rift is good, I’ve never been particularly sensitive to SDE.


Great, I’m starting to think again about choosing 8K :smile:


I still have not given up hope that the 5kbe is going to be a contender for some so I’m still eager to hear what the reviewers are going to say.
To be honest I find SDE most distracting when especially watching movies and the other hand watching movies will not take that much advantage of the wide® FOV than games do. I tend to forget about it after a while in many games. So I’ll have this covered with the O+

Colors, Blacks (especially on horror games) are important to me, although the difference won’t be too bad on most games with the Pimax but still…I love horror games, experiences.
If the SDE on the 5KBE is at least noticeably better than on vive and rift it’s a big win for games, even if it may not be on par with the normal 5k+ or 8k. And the SDE will be there anyway with on any Pimax it is more a matter of how much.

Only issue left for me is the refresh rate, which at least tends to be an opt out for me on the 8k besides the fact that I prefer to max my 1080ti instead of thinking about a 2080ti or making too many settings compromises. So 5k all the way, let’s see what the BE is all about.
if there is still ghosting issues (pimax said they are resolved, some guys that tested it said it is not resolved to a satisfying level) and the refresh rate may be 80 as well it will be a no go of course. May compromise on 85 though and I’d gladly throw in another 100$ for deep blacks and colors.


And let’s for the sake of interest mini poll of choice for all who have already chosen and who have not yet decided.

Which one do you choose the best headset for yourself presently ? :slightly_smiling_face:

  • 8K
  • 5K+
  • 5К BE
  • Other (Odyssey, Odyssey +, VivePro, Rift etc.)

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If I were you, I would consider buying the Odyssey + while it is still $299, with the oled and anti SDE it is probably better for watching movies than any Pimax HMD.


I regret taking the 5k and after trying both wish I had taken the 8k for sure.


Nahh, its only bad depending on “what” you watch :exploding_head:


Really dawg…I mean it’s obvious by now. Literally every tester and most who’ve compared both recommend the 5k+. 8k requires more GPU power to achieve same sharpness and clarity as 5k+


Could you explain why you prefer 8k?


This is not the first time someone has given this opinion. This may look fine for movies or games that need the extra sharpness but for some movies or games it might be a distraction.

I know how this is all giong to turn out. Since Im backing both 8K and 5K+, there are going to be games that I like the 8K and there will be games that I prefer the 5K+, LOL:roll_eyes:


For some people as yourself it will be an easy choice, but I hardly ever side with the majority when it comes to choosing VR HMD’s. The “reviews” on Amazon for the Pimax 4K, 26% hated it and 16% loved it, The Pimax 4K is my “go to” HMD right now.

I bought another pledge since I started this post so Ill get to choose with my own eyes :crossed_fingers: