Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


I definitely felt the 5k had worse sde, or at least more noticable SDE than the Vive Pro where as I didn’t notice any of the blur people talk about in the 8k, the 8k just felt like a slightly better 5k in all ways especially colors which was the worst part of both headsets imo.


Great, thanks for this feedback!


This is where Linux’s multiple desktops works well & there is a variety of methods to switch often most have seen the rotating cube.

I can see though the idea of using a vr headset to manage workspaces as well. This also saves desktop space for a big multimonitor setup. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


There is a case in Japan where a vr user use vr for hours a day and after 6 months his vision improved he no longer require to wear glasses.:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Is 8K much better than Oculus Rift in SDE or is the difference not significant for you? :roll_eyes:


Well, my problem with Oculus Rift wasn’t necessarily SDE, it was just that it looks horrible compared to playing a normal game on a computer monitor. More of a resolution issue I think - both Pimax devices fix that issue.


Seriously? That’s amazing to hear!


That’s kinda the idea. I mean I’m a windows only user but being surrounded by like 10 screens instead of just 2 physical would be cool.

However guys. There will always be the issue of dry eyes because of less blinking. I wonder if we can make the displays make you blink more often somehow to keep the eyes fresh? Heh


I wore glasses for years and when I started using my PSVR, after a yearish, I not longer need the glasses. My vision was not THAT bad, I just thought my eyes were getting better, but maybe just maybe it is the VR. Who knows???


This is all very subjective of course but it’s interesting to hear. I know 2d is just really bad for the eyes. It’s still up in the air to what degree vr is different


I suppose. Would you not be looking at stuff near and stuff far tho? The two main harmful factors would be the not blinking dry eyes and the fatigue due to not moving the eye focal length I think.
Still not certain. Thanks man .


I presume your joking. :laughing:

Benefits of replacing a multimonitor setup could reduce both power & light radiation.


Thanks for the suggestion, I had the Odyssey+ but I was’nt impressed with the resolution. Im using the Pimax 4K right now because of the excellent distance details. Of course I have to endure ghosting, low brightness and everything else bad about the P4K. But it works for me. The Ody+ is a great HMD but just not for me.


Not every tester went with the 5k+ over the 8k. I tried both at the LA meetup and preferred the 8k. The differences are not night and day and are much closer than most make out. For me I could see the SDE worse on the 5k+ where it was harder to notice on the 8k.


You dont happen to own the Pimax 4K? I was wondering how the 8K compares in SDE to the Pimax 4K. I have heard its close


I don’t have one, but from what I hear 4k is still slightly better regarding SDE


That was my thought too. The 5k+ is too sharp & perhaps SDE isn’t an accurate description for either but more seeing pixel pattern. The 8k does have maybe seeing the voids to some extent on the top of the corners but mild really.

To me the 8k could use a touch more sharpness & the 5k+ could use some softening.


Poll says 50/50 though we’d need one that is more for original 8k pledges to keep it balanced without orig 5kers.

Gpu power? Maybe a bit more to increase sharperness but does show more power & firmware optimisations could give the 8k some future proofing as you can’t make the 5k+ pixels smaller & the firmware poke suggests the colors may not be improved much on the 5k+; if the panels listed in the firmware are similar to what has been used.

@sjefdeklerk poke suggests the panels listed in the firmware are not likely the ones used. Save possibly the oled.


It’s not well documented but I think Microsoft might have added the workspace option like linux has.


The 4k uses a rainbow rgb so in compare to 8k matrix would give it +1 higher rating than 8k for SDE. But the 4k’s other flaws makes it a clear step down otherwise.