Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


For me 5k+
I don’t see the colours as bad a described by some or even on Sebastian’s pictures.
Also the SDE on 5k+ looks way more confortable in my opinion.

Video from Swiviver


As Sweviver has said none of the pics or through the lens gives good representation.

However imho @yanfeng’s pics give close representation on what you see.

Finally grrr.


Something from here?


So I just gave a try to virtual desktop on the 8k, and at the default simulated 130’’ I can read everything perfectly without issues, I was browsing this forum and reading posts just fine, so in that sense 8k is fine. The good thing is that at normal fov the full screen was viewable on the headset without needing to move your head, so that’s good for your neck not having to look around every time.


Sounds like a good start man.
I was also wondering how comfortable you find that experience?
Would you be able to stick in that for a few hours just watching yt and reading/posting on forums?
I can touch type (in 2 dif keyboard layouts)* so that part of it doesn’t bother me.
What are the top 2 things that would make you not want to use a vr only experience?

*Don’t mind the nerd humble brag. haha


No that’s in VR.

This old but a fun video. Ubuntu Beryl vs windows aero


Oh. But that would still be on one monitor in windows though?


Yep. You have several virtual Workspace desktops. Ie firefox on Desktop 1 & desktop 2 might have media player running.

Really nice feature as desktop 1 might be gaming. Desktop 2 could be productivity. Etc


I have tried the 5k+ 5kbe and 8k headsets and I am still undecided between the 5k+ 8k. Fear not though for what I can say is after having tried them honestly you would be happy with either one if you haven’t tried the other. They are both great headsets
Edit: also about the colors,I found them to be very similar on both headsets especially when switching each headset to play the same game on the same computer at the backer meeting.


Ye. But this would still appear as 1 ‘physical’/virtual monitor though. At least for windows.
Not 1 per virtual workspace. Unless there is a mod or app that makes virtual workspaces register as monitors.
There don’t seem to be a lot of great solutions for windows rn to have it all open at once.
Is that right?


Ok so just to test this in a best case scenario, I tried Virtual Desktop with some technically ridiculous settings, that is PiTool setting at 2.0 and steam SS at 125%, while Virtual Desktop had a 3.0 supersampling and MSAA 4x. With this settings SteamVR tells me it’s running at 9871x8694 res all of this on a 1080ti. I tried to push MSAA to 8x but here VD stopped working so it looks that it was pushing it too much.

Now, at this config Virtual Desktop looks A LOT better, normal text is very sharp and to my surprise it’s perfectly usable with no lag or anything, small text like the date in the task bar at the far low right is very readable though a bit shimmery, so I would say it’s a very usable option, though for me still sub par a 1080p screen in terms of image quality.

The first time i tried it I was testing stuff for half an hour without issues, I think it could be usable for a few hours since the headset is light enough even though I’ll benefit a lot of the Pimax DAS for more comfort. In my case I won’t do it simply because I still prefer a monitor because 1) I don’t have a bulky thing attached to my head 2) less risk of messing and breaking a extremely expensive device 3) Experience doesn’t add much in my case, no matter how usable it is. If it’s worth it to you, at that config, I consider it usable enough.


Thanks for the thorough test man! That’s really solid! :smiley:
I totally get what you mean by general comfort being better outside of VR. But maby in some instances it might be more interesting to do the same thing in VR. will try it out in jan… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for all the testing =]


Not sure I am following. Virtual Work spaces would work similar to VD save using a hot key to bring others into view/switch. In linux to move a window from 1 workspace to another you csn drsg off screen like multi monitor or use a right click menu on titlebar to shift to tge work space you want.

Interestingly though windows still doesn’t seem to have some of the other nicities like making a windows always on top.

But yeah 2d or vr no really great options in tgat respect.


You can get a lot of those niceties and more with this app:
I’ve used it quite a while and it gives windows much more advanced options related to multi monitor.


Cool. I gifted a multi monitor program from steam to a buddy that improved. Workspaces though is very useful.


Yes, great photos :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

slightly enlarged view:

On them you can see a more noticeable SDE on 5K +. It looks like a grid consisting of horizontal and vertical lines …

While 8K looks softer, there is already no such noticeable SDE on it, but there is some dotted softness, and it looks quite nice.


There is also an interesting comparison from the SweViver video through the lens. Please do not pay attention now to the readability of characters on 8K, this photo is not for that.

slightly enlarged view:

There is one even more important point, I would say.
Pay attention to the semicircle of the dial from the bottom, on his the very edge. At 8K, the round edge looks voluminous and smooth, contains information about the round present. And now how it looks jagged and not so voluminous at 5K +.
This suggests that 8K does have more detail and definitions. (But I’m not sure exactly, maybe this diagonal pattern does its job on round objects better than straight lines of the classic RGB …But 8K is here looks more beautiful, more aesthetic and complete.)

Here you can also watch more noticeable SDE on 5K +, especially if you watch from afar, away from the screen.


This is zooming in. In reality you cant really tell the difference. Not worth the 200 for a barely noticeable difference in sde.


That’s what I see. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


The 5k+ the grid is more noticeable than on the 8k.


Sadly i cant tell the difference between the 2. Again most of these pics are zoomed in. I have 20/30 vision it probably impossible for me to see sde.