Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


And that in itself can be a boon. The first set of pics are I believe not zoomed on Yanfeng sets.

If you look at the other headsets the lines running Horizontal (vertical res) is higher.

Og Vive & Rift 1080x1200 per eye
Vive Pro/Odyssy 1440x1600 per eye

I think if the 5k in general had been
2560x1600 that would have been much better. The extra 160 lines would make the grid finer resulting in smoother rounded edges & reduce the grid from being apparent.

Not being able to see a difference makes the 5k+ more economical.

I suspect if it had 1600 vs 1440 @sjefdeklerk would even prefer the 5k+ in titan slayer.


Pfff for me it’s impossible to make a decision.

In 5K+ there is 0 SDE in blacks. And I still think that… h/v pattern is different that normal SDE. It more like video games of all life. A normal pixel pattern.

In 8K there is less SDE, but appears to be strange. With a lot of points. And very very ugly.

Actually I think that for me 8K SDE will be annoying. Oculus Go and PSVR are the best HMDs that I tried (I tried all). Then… I suppose my mind is used to this normal pixel pattern.


I understand you, I also have a hard choice.
Compared a lot and thought about it.
I had a Rift. Odyssey, Lenovo Explorer. The best SDE was on Lenovo in my opinion.
Recently, I have heard comparisons of SDE 5K + with VivePRO in rare moments in some games, where SDE is 5K + more noticeable.

And I realized that I don’t want to compare 5K + with VivePro / Odyssey
I would like to choose the best SDE option, even if only for a bit, and get an improvement over Odyssey, Lenovo Explorer.
It seems with 8K I can get a greater improvement in terms of SDE than with 5K + … This will now build my choice in favor of 8K :slightly_smiling_face:

And also I will get the best colors and contrast like a cherry on a cake :+1:

(Although, to be honest, the diagonal pattern 8K still confuses me to some extent …)


A short period of time of use & the diagonal in situations where you might notice will vanish. Btw the sde is not present on blacks on the 8k either. :laughing:

If you rotated the screens on your home 45° you would notice it for a time. But eventually it wouldn’t be a noticeable bother.

But you stating it’s an impossible choice suggests you have doubts about the 5k+ SDE vs the 8k as well or the choice would be a simple A or B.

For me the 5k+ has too much sharpness & could use some softening. The 8k is decent but could use a bit of sharpening. The 8k grid is if you have good aquity is noticeably smaller & less blocky on vertical res.


Perhaps a good thing to try is a VR arcade & spend an hour on the Vive Pro. Keeping in mind the 8k sde will be invisible in compatison & 5k+ similarity noticeable to the Vive but better.


One user here said the Diagonal pattern is often found in projectors. But someone had posted the original Tested Review that had identified the diamond pentile like display. It seems the Engadget review with the unnamed pimax source created the full rgb confusion.

Not that it makes things better as it seems someone mentioned it.


Yes. I have Odyssey, and is pain in the ass this diamond pentile SDE… I prefer to play games in my PSVR!!

That the reason I have this problem to select the best option…

Less SDE or beautiful SDE? That’s the question xD


Yeah sounds like a need to be able to see how it is on each. Though i can say 8k is negligible compared to vive pro.

I think a sharpness slider is needed on both. Soften the 5k+ a bit & sharpen the 8k.

@fresco finally have tried Skyrim. In Normal FoV haven’t noticed distortion much save slight on fpsvr. Still need to test Large.


Perhaps instead of multi monitor, if we can at least pin 5+ separate apps in virtual space like chrome/discord/steam etc… Then we wouldn’t need ‘virtual monitors’ in the first place.
I’ve seen ‘some’ solutions to this, but nothing great.

Still need more office/productivity options in VR ;p
(I just honestly don’t play games as much as I used to guys, I spend most of my time working)


A Linux os Centos used tge workspaces in an interesting pre setup.

Desktop 1 Productivity (office etc)
Desktop 2 Media players & such
Desktop 3 Gaming

There many things Windows has failed to implement or publicized they have. A lot folks for example are unaware you can mount Hard drives in windows to empty folders.

Without using external programs like display fusion to better manage multi monitor & expand each window titlebars & more.

Linux OS actually Organizes programs into categories instead of just dumping them into the program menu.

& more.

With Virtual Desktops you could organise desktops into tasks. Ie boss coming switch workspace to hide discord & steam windows. :laughing:


Thank you. The hint to look at it from afar is a good one. I will get my mail soon it seems since they are up to about 1400 and I am 1913. I think I’ll stick to my choice and take the 8K.
I like the softer image more. The 5K+ is sharp yes but It also looks like you’d have to run some anti aliasing through that picture because of the jaggies.

Also Heliosurge mentioned that the 5K looks a bit like a TV with sharpness turned up. I really don’t like that. When turning sharpness up on a TV it looks like it wants to hurt my eyes.


The time has come where I have had to make my choice (the fated email hast arrived). I was still on the fence but have gone for the 5K+ as it is likely the more versatile of the two (and the benefits of the 8K panel’s can hopefully wait until my 8KX arrives).


I can say that with the 8k SDE is simply no longer a problem in 99% of the cases, people thinking about the 8k pixel structure will be surprised that is nearly impossible to see the pixel, diamond or otherwise, the thing that matters is that once in a game, you won’t almost never be noticing SDE, and i’m the greatest SDE hater.

It could use more sharpness, but for me I can accept a lot better that far away objects are not perfectly sharp, since that’s how the human eye works, than SDE pattern where my brain is constantly telling me that’s something is very wrong.

In the end, both have pros and cons, no matter which one you choose it will be a big leap forward compared to previous HMDs, focus on the pros and enjoying the experience, if you can’t only think how the 5k would be sharper or how the 8k has less SDE while playing, you’re going to ruin the experience which is the best in class in VR nowadays.


if you really like your OD- you could try the OD+ :wink: I’ve the PSVR and the new OD+: I can tell you that SDE is no longer a problem and resolution is way better than PSVR. But everything else is sound, lens, ergonomics but it’s still a nice 3D gaming headset


In what HMD there is less SDE in white color?

Because the theory says that full RGB will turn on to see white… then there is no SDE in 5K+ whites…


Yes! I bought it!!! I’m waiting to try it. But I know that I prefer huge FOV… then that the thing. I don’t know what Pimax select because I hate diamond pattern. I like PSVR SDE pattern.

But know I see some pictures that show more SDE in 5K+ compared with Odyssey (I have it too).

But other people said that 5K+ has less SDE than Vive Pro/Odyssey. More like Oculus Go. I like Oculus Go SDE too.


The term “almost” in a games is the problem, if you look in a static view at the sky, the sun or the skin of someone in virtual browser do you see the pixels structure? I bought the Odyssey+ plus to have a reference in this matter and I can tell you the OD+ is now my metric for the level of SDE I want; zero or a fraction below in 100% of the case. The screen structure is still visible is some case but it’s more like a soft tissue moire pattern no more black lines like in the 5k+.


You will be amazed with the lack of SDE but this headset misses resolution, FOV ( not that much but still), and sharpness to be completely satisfying visually.


There is in the white you see horizontal lines between the white creating the stacking look.


Helio, you have both the 5k+ and the 8k what is your comments on the sde vs sky, skin tones, white background etc. In the specific contexte of watching something static?

With the OD+ Were are just one was step of seen no sde at all. It’s a faint filigrane on very bright and distance objects. B