Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


Static images the pixel/sde will be evident. If you look at @yanfeng’s non zoomed pics you can see the squares & round details look more stacked & jaggy so to speak. I rhink the 5k would have been a bit better if the per eye was 2560x1600 vs the 2560x1440. More vertical res needed.

@century revisted them here

By your revised desire on sde (haven’t seen O+) neither will be quite there. A dispersion filter though might be nifty on the 8k.


I agree with you 100%, but wish there was someone who can make an empirical assessment with the view of comparing Screen Door Effect (SDE) only between the two headsets 5K+ and 8K.

For me, SDE is the ultimate reason limiting VR experience, second only to vertical and horizontal FOV. Its about immersion. Sure other things matter, but they are further down the list for me…

Looks like I will be going 8K, I own a 4K headset for a few years now and its been very good. Hope the 8K improves on it or the same for SDE, but added FOV will make it ideal for me.

I would only consider the 5K+ if SDE was not much different to 8K, I understand that its upscaled 1440p, but the final native pixel on the panels do matter a LOT.

hope to get some true analysis on this…


I want to add that don’t understimate low FOV. It’s better than Vive/Oculus and it really adds a lot of sharpness even with mid PiTool settings on 8k, it always surprises me when I’m tweaking around and i leave low FOV on, then I enter steamvr home and it looks surprisingly good, sometimes I wonder if it’s not rendering differently than normal/large fovs since it looks great.

So if you’re thinking on getting either 5k+ or 8k and you’re on a low-mid end card, consider low fov as an option since you’re still getting better fov, sde and resolution that 1st gen HMDs.


For me, my brain doesn’t register that the 8K’s SDE is a whole lot better than the 5K. I think any SDE for me is almost equally distracting… so anything from the Oculus to the 8K is almost just as bad to me. That’s not to say the 5K+ doesn’t have noticeably better SDE than the Oculus, it’s just that it’s still noticeable and so it’s distracting just the same. The Vive is one that’s noticeably worse than any of the others. The only two headsets that I’ve seen that have SDE that’s leagues better than the others is the Odyssey+ and the PSVR.


I haven’t tested PSVR, but I find hard to believe that its SDE is better than 8k’s.


Psvr you see pixels more than sde.


Well, it’s true. The resolution is a lot less so you see blocks of pixels, but there’s almost no gap between them, so almost no SDE.


It will be different for many people I would say.

As I have seen some youtube comparisons, the 5K+ allegedly shows better clarity, but to me thats no better than it having large box like edges , whereas the 8K shows less clarity (for some reason i dont know, as I dont know why this should be) but you dont see as much as “what shouldnt be there” on the screen ie. SDE, due to the physical nature of the screen itself.



I haven’t seen OD+ but I have Vive OG, Pro, OD (sold it), and PSVR. PSVR is the worst SDE for me. I wonder if we all SDE a little differently.


Really? I wonder if you’re defining sde differently, because the vive is the clear worst sde for me and anyone else I’ve talked to. Are you sure you’re not talking about resolution?


For me the Vive OG has worse SDE than the PSVR . Now the Vive has better resolution on far away objects as opposed to the PSVR thats get pretty pixelated as you look into the distance


I’m pretty sure. It’s defintely detached more than… I should say Vive Pro. I haven’t gone back to Vive OG in so long. I should probably take a look.


Backer number 1279. Just got my email and I’ve gone for the 5k+


I was leaning towards the 8K for a long time still. Yesterday evening sweviver put a lot of videos from the latest get together online with swayed my opinion towards the 5K+ in the end.

That came just in time for me. I got the email for the survey today. Backer #1913.


PSVR also uses a anti SDE filter, like on the OD+
They also have custom Sony OLEDs specifically build for PSVR, so it is possible they made the gap between pixels extra small.


I was in Gouda with Sweviver but I still lean towards the 8K, the 5K+ was “blocky” just like my HTC Vive.


It is such a hard desicion. :slight_smile:I just wrote a mail to dallas to switch me back to the 8K.
I hope it is still possible. :slight_smile:


Yes. Please elaborate.


After months of waffling, I finally decided to get the 8K after all. Better contrast and colors are most important to me. I have a RTX 2080, which I hope will be sufficient for playing Elite Dangerous with high quality graphics settings. Plus aliasing is one of the things that really bothers me in ED, so I will appreciate a smoother look.


On Facebook Sebastian (MRTV) still warns of the severe wobble/warping/distortion effect of the 8k (as opposed to the 5k)! Can ANYONE of the 8K receivers confirm this flaw? I tested the 8k and 5k in Berlin for hours and looked hard for this effect, but simply couldn’t see it? @Heliosurge @evertec