Anyone still undecided 5K+ or 8K?


I would say it seems to be something Seb is sensitive to.

Even with my r9 390 titles like distance & Gunjack that run well never noticed it.

And haven’t noticed this either on tge 1080 ti in titles on either headset.

@ludx tested on a 1060 6g & @fresco tested 980ti both have 1080ti as well.

No one that I am aware of has really noticed Seb’s wobble. Keep in mind Germany does have good :beer: that may cause wobbles. :wink::joy:


I couldn’t replicate the “wobble” either. To me, the only thing I noticed was it ran a bit slower with the additional supersampling needed to reduce the blurriness. It did have better colors and blacks which I liked over the 5K+ and it actually seemed less distorted to me, something feels off a bit to me with the 5K+, even at normal FOV.


I choose 5k+ for the performance reasons and hope Pimax will fine tune the colors.


I VR primarily for Elite Dangerous, so the edge on blacks & color are appealing to me. Reading that text in 8K on ED is fine is also encouraging.

Plus, my rig is a 9900K with 2080 Ti, so frame rates will not be an issue.

Sticking with the 8K.


Same here ((eventually, except 9700k) still waiting mobo to arrive) but I’m very fps sensitive and I want the ultra settings ingame. Even that rig is not enough for the most demanding games.


You should get the Nvidia Card with 512g hbm :heart_eyes:

Ultra has a new standard. Lol you may have to pressure all involved to allow even higher ultra settings. :joy:


I have a i7 8700K and a 2080, which I hope will be good enough for reasonable VR in ED. I’m not particularly interested in other VR games at this time. I am also interested in watching movies in VR, so the 8K is a good choice for that.

I forgot to mention something in my earlier post: This decision is now official, since I got my Pimax survey email today and have indicated my headset preference.


neal_white_iii yes but the text is easyer to read and clearer Picture on the 5k+ do so i still think it 5k+ win on ED.


And some are saying that the text in 5K+ is so ‘blocky’ that the sde difference is hard to ignore and prefer the 8K.

IMO, it’s very subjective and as long as you what your ‘immersion breakers’ are and pick accordingly, you’ll be just fine.


None that i seen clam that text is easyer to read on 8k then 5k+, SweVivers Pictures felt quiet clear on that when they used the “glases” read board.


Thanks for the feedback. Again, how weird is it that only one backer perceives the wobble and of all people it’s one of the most influential ones. Anyhow, happy to stick with 8K :smiley:


You might want to reread your post. Your now saying 8k easier to read vs 5k+.

Both headsets read text well. 5k+ sharper but depending on personal preference/biology it’s blocky.

As I have said a shsrpness slider eould be good. Sharpen the 8k & soften the 5k+


That is actually very true. Bf5 or the new Tomb raider (which are supposed to be the best looking PC games now) at ultra settings is nothing compared to Crysis at ultra, which was mind-blowing at its time. That is relatively speaking.

RDR2 might be beautiful on PC.


Could be hardware related…


True, but I have seen posts where people said that the text in ED is readable, but “rounder” on the 8K. That’s good enough for me. Space in ED is already too bright. Darker blacks and better colors are what is most important to me, personally. Others will pick the 5K+ and be happy too.

The differences in headsets isn’t all that critical. Both headsets have the same basic features and all 3 display types (incl. 5K BE) each have their own pros and cons. Everyone has different priorities and they can make their own choice. :slight_smile:


Yes that is, I think, a matter of taste.


You’re now bias you have chosen your camp! :joy:

I’m going for the 5K+, I have the Samsung OD+ with no SDE ( almost!) and still sharpness and definition are missing. Hoping I will find a DIY diffusion filter for my 5K+.

rational : I can’t un-blur the 8K but I can blur the 5K+, colors and black level still in favor of the 8K.


Totally forgot about this wobble thing since I dont have any…just like…at all.


Indeed back when quality settings had more drastic visual changes.


Does anybody know how much time the upscaler needs, for me the most important thing is not to add additional lag. Because this lag is impossible to be removed as the scaling pipeline is fixed in HW.

So most probably I will change from 8k to 5k+