Anyone tested any of the SLI games (with an SLI setup!)



I was wondering specifically if anyone has maxed out the supersampling on RAW data with a couple of 2080 ti cards yet - assuming SLI still works with the Pimax 5/8k


@VoodooDE did. tl;dw it’s not worth it because almost no games support it.


Sorry, I didn’t make the title clear enough - what I meant was: has anyone tested SLI with games THAT WE KNOW SUPPORT IT (like Raw Data)?

I’m quite surprised at VoodooDE’s video as it’s quite common knowledge that non of the games he tested support SLI so it was all a bit of a waste of time. Don’t understand why he didn’t bother to test some of those that do.


Has anyone done any recent SLI testing?


I pretty much guess that at the time of the preorder he did not actually realize that the highly praised NVLINK is nothing more than a standard SLI at least with the RTX series.
Usually it is actually supposed to merge the cards, eg. taking advantange of both GPU memory capacities. But those cool features are only provided by the even more expensive series. (As also tested by Linus) This way NVLINK could have been a real plus for VR.

I considered buying a 2nd 1080ti since they dropped in price but unfortunately I did not come across any news that any games were recently supported for SLI. I also somehow feel that there won’t be any, ever.


I’m not sure what games support sli in vr. is there a list somewhere?


There are only a handful officially supporting SLI, Serious Sam series being the most famous one.

From what I understood, the NVLINK adapter in the 2080 cards currently only supports SLI. However I’ve been thinking and SLI over NVLINK doesn’t make too much sense. The goal of NVLINK is GPU pooling and I think NVIDIA is aiming for that. However I’m guessing that they haven’t released any drivers yet because they first want people to upgrade their existing card. I think it would make sense that in a few months they come with a driver update, enabling GPU pooling via NVLINK which would cause a new wave of GPU buying, exactly like they want.

Or what do you think @jojon


the quadro cards that are closer to real gpu pooling is using two bridges.


Hmm, let’s see… mumble mumble hmm …carry the two… Everything I know about multi-GPU adds up to… …and a pinch of salt… tooo: Zero! Sorry. :7


Gpu pooling for compute workloads works because the data being transferred between the two isnt as time critical as it is for realtime graphics. As fast as nvlink is, it still isn’t fast enough or low latency enough to enable SLI-less multiGPU (or driver level multigpu). I mean, you can do split frame rendering but typically this isnt as fast as alternate frame rendering, but AFR also tends to introduce latency issues in VR, which is why multigpu is just poorly supported in VR in general.