Anyone tried to use the vive link box to get 4k native running?


As far as i know we need the support of DSC for native 4k.
The vive link box does have a mini dp-in and HDMI-out, maybe using an DSC compatible converter chip inside?
Please Pimax, could you try?
I do not have an DP2mini-dp-cable lying around and i think you do need a special piplay version to support that, right?

I looked at fixit for the chip in the link box, but they did not open it.

Please, let this be true!

Thank you @Pimax-Support for trying!!!


Hi, our hardware engineers disassembled this box before and found that STDP2650 chip inside doesn’t support DSC actually, please be advised.


Thank you for trying.

Just to clarify:
If we find a DSC compatible chip in a DP-to-HDMI konverter box, we can run the 4k in native VR?
Sure, or just in theory?
Anyone @Pimax-Support tried that?
Does then the scaler turn itself off?
Can the slim cable of the 4k handle the 4k signal?

It should be a trivial task to find a compatible cheap dp-to-hdmi adapter. I am curious why we still can not use 4k on the 4k. Do not get me wrong, i do not really need this feature. But it would be nice to have, if doable without a lot of hassle…


Hi, we may consider a similar box with our own algorithm in the future.