Anyone using with 3 or 4 base stations with Pimax 5k+?


When using 2.0 Lighthouses, I’m wondering if the Pimax 5k+ will work with 3 or 4 base stations?


Don’t see why not. It’s a lighthouse compliant device.


Yeah I tried it today with 3, worked fine


will you be able to mix 1.0 and 2.0 basestations. Im asking because when my pimax ones come it coukd be an option to increase my play area.


No, you can’t mix version 1 and 2 base stations. I currently have a single ver 1 base station. I ordered 1 from Pimax (ver 2) during the Kickstarter, so I’ll have a spare backup, not 2 BSes at once.


we do not really know which “version” will be the pimax one.
we all expected to be de 2.0 version, but it could be a 2.5 that is incompatible with previous version from HTC. (i would not be surprised that both HTC and Pimax trying to protect their market)
for one room, 2 stations are ok, you do not need more.