Anyone want to swap 8KX pledge for 8K?


The 8K is bound to arrive sooner but I’m super curious about the potential of the X. Anyone want to swap/make a deal? LMK


Same here. I think that if one should come to me with that suggestion, i would say yes to the 8kx. Maybe because of the downscaling and then upscaling thing which i don’t fully understand after all. If it’s a 4k screen x2, why not send a 4k signal to it? (Apart from recommended system specs.) In another way, if it’s done to lower the specs for the needed pc, you could have done the job with lower res panels?


could have done the job with lower res panels

They use 4k panels to limit SDE.


Ah, i see :wink: thanks for clearing that up.


8K-X backers have already been given the option to get an 8K as a loan unit (to be returned before shipping their 8K-X), so I’m not sure you are going to get any takers.


Unless someone will completely decide to cancel. There were some offers previosly, but now its probably a bit too late :slight_smile:


The X unit pledges sold out well before the end of the campaign, maybe because there were less of them available. On the last day in the last hours a few of the pledges were released by people who got cold feet, and they were snatched up almost instantly. Good luck in your quest for 8KX.

If it’s any consolation, 8KX will not be released until after development of 8K, and the consumer model will be just around the corner by the time the backers get theirs.


8k loaner while waiting on 8kx ?

That is not a written agreement, and has not been even hinted at since the kick starter was live, despite being brought up here and there for confirmation. If I am wrong point me to where pimax commits to this. I must have missed it.


It was in the survey if we wanted to get an 8k while waiting for the 8kx


Gotcha. Even so I would not count on it until it happens. Just my “feelings” on the matter. A survey as well is just asking if you prefer something. Doesnt mean they are obligated to do so. I hope it happens for you guys though. My confidence in things like that are low… (for anyone, not just pimax)


It was asked and answered a couple times in the Kickstarter comment section and here on the forums, too.

This thread was the first i found with a quick search: 8K X Backer Options


I see. that is cool. The topic seems to say that you will have to pay for the extra unit first if you want it, then after you return it get reimbursed and your 8kx ? makes sense, just in case the unit (8k) is returned in bad condition


No, you could opt-in to get one till you get the 8K-X (Option 2). You only had to pay extra if you wanted to keep the 8K (Kickstarter price, no extra shipping costs - Option 4).