Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



It is a shame that someone can buy a Pimax product before the backers have received their contribution.

It is simply out of respect for the backers that we should not be in this position.


I was a bit concerned about the touchpad when I first unboxed my HP Mixed Reality set and saw the size of it. I am 6’ 2" tall and don’t exactly have small, dainty hands. But I have had no trouble at all using the touchpad and thumb stick. You can see a good thumb to trackpad size comparison from this review photo. The WMR trackpad is obviously smaller than the Vive’s. But it works fine.

As long as Pimax used good, quality components, I don’t see the track pad size being an issue.


I would rather use the Windows controllers over the Vive wands any day


That’s the old Korean story. I’ve moved on


WTF? Surely this is a joke?


Hey there.

Backer 3685 here. I’ve filled out so many surveys so many times, I don’t know what else to do. My spreadsheet status still says “need backers to reply to survey”. I’ve exhausted every other means of providing my information and attaining my reward. Any advice?



This thread is dead, PM Mozi directly would be better


backer # 942:
That it is long, that you receive the helmet but that you can not serve, that you do not have controllers and base station, so you must wait again, and still waited we believe it, and thank you all for same … But that day, I only received the 8k headphones, no additional accessories that I actually paid and asked, nothing … no headphones, no headphones, no station, no controllers … Sorry, but I’m really impatient and I’m certainly not the only one. Those who are not impatient, certainly controllers alive, this is not the case for all! I had the same desire to say this, because everyone says thank you, but hey it’s a frank truth that it’s really long !!! Thank you for your explanations all the same.


Yes, the delays are annoying. I gave up and ordered a base-station from Amazon, even though I’ll eventually get one from Pimax. I didn’t order controllers, since I plan to play seated games only. I would really like the deluxe headstrap and prescription lens holder asap.


After receiving a defective 4k unit, I didn’t have a problem with a replacement. It was done in a timely manner.
However, after waiting 5 months for my new 5k plus, it’s a month more of waiting to get a return label so as to get a unit that works, because like the 4k, it arrived even worse, doesn’t work at all. Sent pictures, video, Teamviewer permission, but no response in a way that shows anyone is interested in at least giving some explanation as to the delay. Quality control in this case is lacking. You guys have one of the best products going, but only if they work upon arrival.
Warmest regards,
Just call me disappointed.

@mozi @Dallas.Hao


Still awaiting mine also hoping when i do get thrm all is ok or i can imagine the nightmare begins again


My patience has run dry. 4k was defective upon delivery, and now my 5k plus, after 5 months, and now another gone by and still nothing. At least communicate with customers in a way it makes one feel someone is really out there working on your resolve, or that it’s even to try. Bummer.


Your right i am just hoping when we get them all is ok thats my biggest worry now


I used Paypal to buy the unit. I think Paypal has a resolve center whereas they make sure of a refund or exchange. Time to set up a claim.

@mozi @Dallas.Hao


Open a Suspen ticket in Advance just in case, by the time they see it and answer it you ll most probably have your unit :wink:
Could save you few weeks waiting.


I just keep getting told lies last lie was mozi saying sorry for delay in getting back to you i will do tomorrow.
One before that was my 5k left SH and would be with me in ten days max that was over two weeks ago
Then all the other lies before that way too many to list.
Nothing to be done but wait as a backer and prize winner of an 8k but feel really treated unfair all i am after is an honest date from them it SUX big time


feel really sorry you mate, waiting for replacement here but i really hope you get yours first :call_me_hand:t4:
Last news i had was yesterday saying should arrive this week.


Hope all is good when you get your replacement and the fun can be on tap .
Mine will get here eventually i guess just really hard hearing them say all kickstarters have them ect and hearing of the fun most have lol


Hi alan, Please check your private message for updates.

Your 8K rewards are about to ship out.


@Rich I’m so sorry about this issue.

Can you send me your tickets number for me to help you?