Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



Yep, the Vive controllers really suck with most of the games I have. Space Pirate trainer is the only game where the vive controllers really shine. Other games like Derail Valley, Gun Heart are almost unplayable with the Vives. I dont see how anyone could recommend them except for they re the only solution at the moment


Yees they’re nice in hand but the trackpad is awful and try to push the button above the trackpad it sucks.


Yea what up with that. I have average ordinary hands and I cant always reach that upper button, and what about that button on the side of your palm, is it ever used and if so how are you supposed to activate it?/ Hmmm


Reach the upper button without touching the trackpad :weary:
I made a riser on the button though.

The left and right side buttons serves the same function by the way.


Personally, I think the Pimax controllers should have dual thumbstuck/trackpads like the WMR handsets. Then they would just have to produce one set and it would cover all situations.

I threw this together as an example of how I imagine it would look:



That would be a dream but we already know that pimax does not think the same.


wants it . i wants it


a small trackpad is not comfortable, in knuckles is so small to become useless. Two trackpads are not used in games, I prefer the original asymmetric solution.


The trackpad should be roughly the same size as the ones on the WMR controllers and I have zero issues with their size. Some games might use two thumbsticks, one thumbstick and one trackpad or possibly even both trackpads. Also, having a trackpad/thumbstick on each controller means they’re ambidextrous so left-handed people can comfortably use them as well.


MRTV posted a review of the Valve knuckles Dev version. Dunno if I’m just late to the party.


@Sean.Huang @PimaxVR

Could you please provide an update on the status of the production and shipping of the 8K headsets to the backers?

Thank you


news on the 5ks also as many are still awaiting them in case you didnt realise


I thing we need to keep in mind is that WMR handsets are tracked by the camera which is built in the headsets, while Pimax handsets are going to be tracked by lighthouses at completely different position and so big parts of those inward rings will not be seen (either blocked by the arms or the body). This is also the reason why knuckles look like they look like.

For what concerns touchpad + stick combo, after using vive wands for some time, I am not sure if I could easily control a touchpad which will be smaller (in diameter) than the one on vive wands. It looks all too tiny to me.


backers now mean nothing to pimax


It is a shame that someone can buy a Pimax product before the backers have received their contribution.

It is simply out of respect for the backers that we should not be in this position.


I was a bit concerned about the touchpad when I first unboxed my HP Mixed Reality set and saw the size of it. I am 6’ 2" tall and don’t exactly have small, dainty hands. But I have had no trouble at all using the touchpad and thumb stick. You can see a good thumb to trackpad size comparison from this review photo. The WMR trackpad is obviously smaller than the Vive’s. But it works fine.

As long as Pimax used good, quality components, I don’t see the track pad size being an issue.


I would rather use the Windows controllers over the Vive wands any day


That’s the old Korean story. I’ve moved on


WTF? Surely this is a joke?


Hey there.

Backer 3685 here. I’ve filled out so many surveys so many times, I don’t know what else to do. My spreadsheet status still says “need backers to reply to survey”. I’ve exhausted every other means of providing my information and attaining my reward. Any advice?