Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



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No - its only two. The TEXT says its a bit.ly link but it actually points directly to the survey monkey (without going to bit.ly)


Yep, it does directly point to survey monkey- to a different survey than the actual bit.ly link sends you to.

Edit: wait, maybe I’m wrong. Nvm ignore me, redacting previous statements. There are still only 2 survey links in the message lol.


SUPEN-1023 @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


SUPEN-961 @Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao @ Matthew.Xu.


can you sleep? pimax… it’s significant accident…you will lost future customer


Pimax is not interested in future customers.


Could you at least give a brief statement on how the state of affairs is? This silence is really annoying!

@PimaxVR , @Pimax-Support , @Matthew.Xu , @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang


Perhaps they are not allowed to deescalate that thing because the managers are in Las Vegas on the CES… I don’t know.

But waiting it out is the worst choice…





HI, We are working on updating new spreadsheet by checking original survey database.


i smell a clusterfuck coming. if they mean the very first survey that was non survey monkey, that was before the 5k plus was announced and people had zero reason to change to it.


It’s an admission of sorts that there is a problem with the recent survey data. They really do need to make an announcement post about this though.


The fastest way to unfuck this is to send a mail to all the backers ‘yet to reply’ that explains the fuck up in the title of the mail. contains a SINGLE link to a SINGLE survey with no skippable questions, collect their data.

cross referencing to the original survey database (if that is what i think it is) is going to result in a shitload of backers getting the wrong headset. The current list is a mess, and patching it with choices people made when it was between 8k and 5k , instead of 8k and 5kplus is only going to add another layer of confusion.

ditch the current data, rebuild list from scratch and this time don’t fuck up the survey links.


The only thing worrying me is backer pledge trades. What if they ditch the data containing the new owners data? They will then ask the previous owner where to send the headset to and the new owner won’t know about it until he finally starts to ask after weeks…


Therefore it would be better to resolve the issue with SurveyMonkey and send out the email one last time making sure it actually works this time and doesn’t confuse the recipient.


i like how the intricacies of how bad of a fuck up this is are unfolding like flower petals made of shit.


3 workers for 2 days and every unverified backer could have a personal email to verify delivery and choice processed


Totally agree. A new final survey and spreadsheet based on this data will clear all of this mess.


As long as users give time to have data verified; yes maybe best.


So I also checked the delivered backer numbers from yesterday and today and compared them with the OUTDATED spreadsheet. Seems like the information there is 100% correct. All backers who got their HMDs in the last days are listed as “on the way from SH to oversea warehouse” and all backer numbers inbetween got skipped due to missing information. I really hope someone from Pimax comes out of his cave and apologize once again for this major fuck up.

I’m 100% sure they already know what happened since all employees dodging this thread as good as possible and probably working on a solution before they admit their fault.