Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



Maybe someone should contact the new US representative directly. This might be a cultural thing or something, when the fear of losing face is stronger than our call for clarity. Just making up some sort of explanation here, plus a possible quick way out of this situation. I imagine the US representative has a different understanding of the situation, closer to ours - but he might not even be aware as he is currently at CES I presume?


Or a cultural impatience if not giving enough time to verify & create the new spreadsheet.


This is all just hilarious. They can create one of the most advanced VR headsets on the market but fail at simple stuff. Being a Pimax backer has really been a memorable experience. Can’t wait to see what the next drama is going to be about.

Also … I think we’re gonna be in here together for quite a while. Just think of how long it will take for everyone to get all their stretch goal rewards and the drama that can cause. People will be opening SOUP tickets and tagging Pimax people in threads asking when they will get their Deluxe headstrap. This could go on for months or YEARS.


It cannot be solemly explained by the missing information. There seems to be no correlation between shipping order and backer number in any of the recent and planned batches according to the spreadsheet. Only apparent factor is the delayed 8k production, everything else is a mystery for an outsider.


Oh, Pimax can have all the time to complete whatever they are doing. That’s not a problem at all to me. It’s just that right now, I see a lot of people being very confused, angry, and even hostile - all based on assumptions of what might or might not be going on or have been going on. Some clarity of the current status would help a lot, I assume, but Pimax completely stopped communication about this issue days ago now. I think that just encourages people to speculate even more, and that’s not what we need.

Of course, opinions may vary.


I also dont like the delayed communication of Pimax but some people here should grow up. Any company would just ignore them or even chancel their order.


yet i clicked both and filled both of the survey links to be sure… but it did still not register…


It’s been 2 days since the spreadsheet issue came up.

With Pimax aiming to have backers headsets shipped out this month. Save those whom want to wait for the full monty. You’d think folks could give sometime for a team under a 100 employees vs 5000+ backers to actually sort details out.

For example with submitting the tickets. If they have closed them without responding they have likely used the ticket to input/verify data. With so few members working support it would be easier to use the tickets to cross verify & post 1 update to all.

We’re almost there & we have seen pimax controllers demoed. Lets not start losing our heads this far in.


No new spreadsheet has been posted.


their new slogan is “In dreams we live”…yes, we only can dream of owning a Pimax HDM!


My survey doesn’t have a second link, only a survey monkey link that I can use to literally fill out as many times as I want, as whomever I want. I can be backer #5 from Uganda, they would have no idea.


i know, was just trying to tell that the problem was not with the different links in the mail :slight_smile:
and i must admit that i’m puzzled that the ticket was resolved with no explanation then 完成.

google translate tell it mean Carry out. ???

I believe and hope they have registered the data, and in this case they could just use an short standard text like “Data registered” and copy and past it to the relevant tickets.

i work in an technical support helpdesk for industrial storage machines, and if closed a ticked like this the customer will quickly complain and demand a explanation for why the ticket are closed.

But i will give it atleast a day more and wait and see if they sort the data out.

ps. i know the heat customers can bring when they are unhappy… so i have sympathy for the ipmax workers involved in this, it’s not fun for them either!


True but we go on these rollercoasters all the time reacting on our passions instead of logic.

Once they get the US division & others in place things will be better suited. Unless they follow some of the other big companies layouts. Of which bitching has no effect. (See gear best support for example)


I have just been looking around for the backer numbers that have been delivered on Facebook etc, and the ones i find are on that outdated spreadsheet, but cannot find any anywhere that are on that spreadsheet that has “waiting for backer reply”
To me it looks like Pimax has been using the number on that spreadsheet.


It’s been 3, but whatever. Point is, people are calling the biggest clusterfuck so far (pardon their language) and especially with all the media coverage that’s going on exactly this week, we can’t have half the community going berserk. Now we could politely ask them to grow up and take it as just another disappointment, or we could ask Pimax to explain what’s going on and go forward from there. Preferably both. We have a saying “trust arrives on foot but leaves on horseback”, and for many people PImax have been galloping into the sunset months ago. We can either ignore that simple fact, or deal with it. This exact thread was started by Pimax regain that trust, and look where it brought them.

But hey, just my 2 cents. By all means, do whatever you think is best.


Dont get this answered all survay and it still say i have not answered my survay :confused:


For backers who did receive their headset, did you receive/submit the second survey sent in January? Or did you only receive/submit the one originally sent in December?


I have “delivered by 1/7 to SH” in the spreadsheet, and I received only one survey request on Dec 5th, which i filled out completely including address using the “begin survey” link.



My email to Pimax - “In the survey you sent to me, I specifically said that I still wish to NOT receive my headset right now as I have no controllers and no base stations. This is the same response I gave to you during the Kickstarter campaign. Please update your spreadsheet and records to show that I DO NOT want to receive just the headset right now. Please hold my order until my full package is ready for shipment.

Pimax response - “Since you have completed the survey and you chose the 5K+ headset, we will ship the 5K+ headset to you asap.”



In survey monkey, do you know if there is any way to review the response we submitted on the survey?